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7 Ideas to Help Sizzle Your Romantic Relationship

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The media has a tendency to only escalate insecurities, with people reviling about their prime partner and love connection.

God has given us the freedom to enjoy sex within marriage. As long as both parties are into it and honored by it, the Bible says go for it (1 Corinthians 7:5).

Instead of fixating on what we can do and how often we do it, the best question might be, “How can I accompany my spouse so relentlessly that the romance will naturally flow?”

Intimacy is one of God’s most excellent creations, and sex was never intended to cause comparison or anxiety.


1. Don’t Stop Doing The Little Things You Did When You First Started

Think about what you did to capture your spouse’s heart in the first place. Creative dates, laugh out loud on the drive way, play dress ups and all.

Remember, how committed you were in the beginning? Do those things over and over again.

Ladies, avoid staying longer than usual in your pajama pants and bunny slippers when its past bedtime, it’s probably time to dive into some hot shorts and red lip stick. You are worth it! And gentlemen, remember it’s OK to take a shower even if it’s Saturday. “I do” should never mean, “I’m done grooming up”.

2. Intimacy starts in the kitchen, laundry room, and sometimes the bathroom.

OK, that sounds weird. But washing the dishes, doing laundry, and bathing together could be more romantic than a dozen roses.

3. Let God lead.

God came up with the idea of intimacy in marriage, don’t be afraid to ask Him to direct and keep your intimacy goal strong. Mark 10:9 teaches that the lord brought us together in the first place.

4. No kids in the matrimonial bed.

While kids sleeping in the family bed provides extraordinary birth control, family bed will sabotage your time as a couple. So Kick the little offsprings out. They will adapt.

5. Kiss your spouse first.

Before the kids came, your spouse was! As much as possible, never take your spouse time for granted. Before you run to your irresistible offspring remember: You loved her/him first!

6. Relax

After a long workday, whether having back to back meetings behind close doors or chasing toddlers, or both, give your spouse a 30-minute sabbatical.

Pour a refreshing beverage and give your spouse time to decompress before the second shift of dinner, kids assignment and bedtime routines. A few minutes to refresh, could make your sweetheart feel appreciated and energized for more family bonding evening ahead.

7 Take The Five Love Languages quiz by Dr. Gary Chapman.

It is a phenomenal resource to learn how to  pursue your spouse .


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