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2023: Timi Frank Calls Buhari Hypocrite Demands For Nationwide Protest Over Stolen Mandate

Ambassador Timi Frank
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Comrade Timi Frank Calls President Buhari a hypocrite for allowing Bola Tinubu to perpetrate electoral fraud under his watch.

Timi Frank says Buhari is turning a blind eye to Tinubu’s alleged involvement in electoral fraud, despite Buhari’s claims to be a champion of anti-corruption and good governance. Frank believes that Buhari’s inaction shows a double standard and hypocrisy, as the president is not taking any meaningful action against the accused.

Timi Frank has therefore called on all Nigerians to protest over the rigged election. By not taking any meaningful action to stop the electoral fraud, Buhari is sending a message that it is acceptable for the ruling party to cheat and rig elections. This creates an unequal playing field and undermines the democratic process in Nigeria.

He, therefore, calls on all Nigerians to come together to protest, to reclaim the lost mandate.

Watch the video:

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