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5 Business Ideas for Ladies (not lashes, not bone straights) by Judith Iyoh

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Hey queens, today we have a really exciting and important topic to discuss, because, there’s nothing more sexier than a girl that is financially independent. Everything about a woman’s life and maintaining her beauty involves money.

You could be at the point in your life where you’re thinking what business to go into, while bouncing a couple of ideas around. Say no more, that’s exactly why I’m here to guide you, Amen?

Here are 5 Business and Service ideas you can start with little or no capital.

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1. Self-care Product Subscription Business

You could start a business where you put together a box of items it could bath robes, face wash, face mask, etc that would be nice in a self care box and you can send it out to clients as they order.

Women and men alike are becoming more conscious of self care. It has become a routine for people to observe self care special days of the week, where they get on robes and eyes in masks, around well scented candles and all at the same time.

Not a lot of us have the time to go into stores to pick up these things individually for our special day routines, and because its becoming a part of our self care culture we’re are beginning to see a lot of gap in the need for products to meet this need and you could be the gap filler.

Its affordable and realistic. When customers sign up on your platform they remain subscribed for a very long time if your products are great.

2. Start a PR firm.

Businesses pop up at alarming rates these days and our voices need to be heard. A lot of people have businesses that nobody knows about, because, news platforms aren’t really telling our brand stories as much as they’re telling everyone else’s story. So, you can be the person who closes this gap by setting up a PR firm.

3. Hair Tool Subscription Business

Frankly, this is so in demand because women from this part of the world are constantly looking for hair care products. A lot of us have decided to go natural to have protective styles and that’s why businesses in this nitch do really fabulous. Trust me this is a big break cue.

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A. Skin care line
B. Food delivery service
C. Social media agency
D. Adult education company
E. Social impact business

4. Hair Care Brand for Kids

The black hair varies in persons and ethnicity, and if you look in the market most of the popular hair care products are actually kids suitable and its understandable why because a lot of mothers are looking for what works for their kids hair, what isn’t intrusive, what is healthy and what is safe and you could be the one who produces that product that’s kids friendly, safe and healthy for all hair types.

5. YOUTUBE Channel

I know a lot of people do
n’t know that YouTube is a business and the business model is that you create content and you monetize that content through ads from adsense or through sponsorships by talking about other peoples products and services on your channel and thereby getting paid to do that.

People have build five, six, seven figure businesses off of youtube and you could be one of those people.

If you thinking its to late to start one, trust me its absolutely not.

I hope you found these ideas helpful and if you did don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends and remember that you can do absolutely anything.

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Judith Iyoh writes fashion, lifestyle and real estate investment.

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