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Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King, Chairman of Adron Homes, supports Dr Segun Oshundairo’s bid for REDAN’s Lagos Chapter Chairmanship, emphasizes need for consolidation before transformation in the real estate sector

Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King Chairman of Adron Homes supports Dr Segun Oshundairo's bid for REDAN's Lagos Chapter Chairmanship emphasizes need for consolidation before transformation in the real estate sector

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Segun Oshundairo, CEO of Arcview Investment Limited, Aare Adetola expressed his full support and offered valuable advice on how to steer the real estate industry towards positive change. He encouraged Dr. Oshundairo to prioritize intense media publicity and collaborative advocacy efforts to influence government policies affecting the sector.

During their meeting, Dr. Oshundairo outlined his manifesto, which includes initiatives such as creating a Developers Mortgage Plan to facilitate affordable housing development, establishing an Advisory Board for REDAN to provide guidance on policies, opening up rural lands for urban development, and rebranding and publicizing REDAN for increased visibility and effectiveness.

Aare Adetola, in addition to advising on strategic media publicity, urged Dr. Oshundairo to focus on expanding REDAN’s membership and developing comprehensive strategies to shape the future of real estate in the country. He emphasized the symbiotic relationship between REDAN and Lagos State, stating that a greater Lagos cannot exist without the active involvement of REDAN.

Furthermore, Aare Adetola stressed the importance of establishing a universal market price for landed properties to facilitate affordable housing development in Lagos State and beyond.

The interview concluded on a positive note, with Dr. Oshundairo expressing gratitude for the collaboration between REDAN and Adron Homes. Both parties acknowledged the potential for future partnership opportunities aimed at driving positive change within the real estate industry. Dr. Oshundairo reiterated his commitment to setting up a board of trustees comprising industry veterans to serve as an advisory board for REDAN.