Apple’s Bite International Magazine is a society and culturally aware magazine, that beams a spotlight on innovative ideas, brands and individuals across multiple sectors. It features commentary on a wide variety of issues including news topics, health, sports, travels, law, show biz, fashion, leadership nuggets and leisure. There’s a bite for everyone on this tabloid.

Everyone has a story to tell. Each and everyone made it to this point in their journey through entirely unique and different routes. Apple’s Bite International Magazine lets you won your story, and tell it to an inspired audience.

Apple’s Bite International Magazine is published by Mirror Multimedia Network, M2NET.

Mirror Multimedia Network, M2NET, is a diverse communications company incorporated since 2015, as a film and Television production, as well as news publishing company.

The Team
We are a team of innovative and disruptive thinkers. We more than think outside the box, we have together decided there is no box to think within. We are unconventional in approach to proffering media solutions to everyday challenges.