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ADF Appoints Dr. Victor Okhai As Board Member

ADF Appoints Victor Okhai As Board Member
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The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) is pleased to announce the appointment and membership of Nigerian Dr Victor Okhai as an Advisory Board member.

The appointment, approved by the ADF board of directors on November 13, 2022, went into effect on November 16, 2022.

Victor Okhai, President of the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN), is a seasoned documentary filmmaker, communicator, and resource person at different academic and professional institutions, as well as the head of the jury for the 2022 Multichoice Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

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The African Diaspora Foundation, a non-profit organisation created in 2001 out of concern for people of African descent around the world, is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic cause with a heightened purpose to turn the tide of violence in African communities around the world. It simply works for and aspires for peace via education.

The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) is dedicated to building a coalition of national and international leaders and organisations to address critical issues relating to peace, nonviolence, and reconciliation in Africa. As a non-profit organisation, ADF has proposed establishing peace education centres in Los Angeles and Africa, working in collaboration with American colleges and providing a curriculum focused on resolving problems that endanger survival in conflict-affected nations.

“The integrity and intellectual leadership with which ADF aims to deliver services to African and diaspora blacks are impressive,” Victor Okhai stated. “As a future organisation, ADF must continue to adapt, build, and identify answers in real-time. I am honoured to serve on its worldwide advisory board and to be a part of truly transforming the world.”

ADF is also delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Sylvia Litana Ezozo as its new chairwoman, who has instantly brought new light and enthusiasm to the organisation. Under her direction, ADF has expanded its purpose to include mental health, support for the homeless, and the collection of medical equipment, subject to IRS formal permission. The ADF successfully sent four containers of used medical supplies to Cameroon, Nigeria, and Uganda with the financial assistance of Thomas Tanue.

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