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Adron Homes Unveils ‘Lemon Friday’ To Create Stream of Opportunities for Customers

Adron Homes Unveils ‘Lemon Friday’ To Create Stream of Opportunities for Customers
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Adron Homes Unveils ‘Lemon Friday’ To Create Stream of Opportunities for Customers

As the global culture of Black Friday Sales draws nearer across the globe where several top brands slash their prices ridiculously low in a bid to give back to customers, real estate top-playing company Adron Homes and Properties, in its usual manner, redefined its own to Lemon Friday, which is also similar to Black Friday, but because of the uniqueness of Adron Homes Lemon color, the company adopted Lemon Friday as a means of giving its existing customers and new customers an unimaginable slash on the prices of their landed properties littered across Nigeria and beyond.

At the launch and official press briefing at the head office of the company on Omole Phase 1 Lagos on Friday, the 17th of November, the company’s representatives and sales team highlighted and unveiled the massive discount on their properties in a bid to follow the global trend and also follow top companies across the world that will be giving an amazing discount to customers at the upcoming Black Friday sales.

The Adron Lemon Friday has become a way of encouraging customers to take advantage of the opportunity to secure landed properties at affordable prices while they also standing a chance of winning mouth-watering prizes.

Adron Homes Unveils ‘Lemon Friday’ To Create Stream of Opportunities for Customers

At the unveiling, customers are encouraged to pay as low as 30k for a landed property and stand a chance of winning a bag of rice and chicken in a bid to celebrate the Yuletide season that is fast approaching.

While many would wonder why buying land attracts prizes, it will be very clear that Adron has a track record of always delivering on its promises.

To buy land and pay as low as 30k gives the subscriber a double value for their money in landed property and gifts,, and also massive infrastructural investment within the estates across the country.

It’s a roller coaster of opportunity for anyone who seizes the opportunity of the Lemon Friday promo. Some other categories include paying 60k and getting a gift like rice, oil, an electric blender, Fan, and cooking pots.

Customers can also pay 100k and stand a chance of winning prizes like rice, cooking oil, double-faced gas burners, electric cooking pots, and chicken.

Subscribers can also stay hooked on the pocket-friendly 200k plan and stand a chance of going home with Mouthwattery prizes like; a standing fan, an an air fryer, a live goat, and a bag of rice.

There is also a category for 500k, which not only qualifies customers for a plot of land but also allows the customer to go home with a chest freezer, live goat, washing machine, microwave, and rice.

For high-earning subscribers, the 1 million NAIRA down payment qualifies you to win amazing, juicy prizes like a smart TV, a Live goat, a cow, an air conditioner, a bag of rice, and a host of other gifts.

For customers who are making a down payment of 1.5 million naira, this increases their chances of going home with a twin-door standing freezer, a cow, a bag of Rice, and a water dispenser.

For customers who are making a down payment of 2 million NAIRA on our lands, they stand a chance to go home with not only a plot of land, but they will also be gifted a cow, a door-standing fridge with freezer, and a bag of rice.

According to the company, customers have the right to select the category of the gift they want and immediately they subscribe by filling out the necessary forms and also paying the amount required into a designated company account; they are entitled to the gift of their choice that falls within the category of the amount they paid.

They also disclosed that a third party can also pick gifts on behalf of customers when they get written authorization or authorization via email which will enable them to verify authenticity to avoid giving gifts to the wrong person.

On payment method, the company emphasized customers who are willing to pay and enjoy the massive benefits of Lemon Friday to refrain from paying into any sales rep’s account and that the company will not be held liable if any customer pays into the account of a staff member rather than paying into the company’s account via bank transfer or bank Cheque.

The company also advised customers to desist from bringing cash to avoid being a soft target for fraudsters or thieves which will also give room for customers’ safety.

Adron Homes Unveils ‘Lemon Friday’ To Create Stream of Opportunities for Customers

Like most companies Black Friday only starts and ends on the same day; Adron’s Lemon Friday does not end on the same day, the promo runs through the end of November till the first week of December thereby creating rooms for those within the shores of Nigeria and outside enjoy from the massive slash in prizes.

For more information, visit any of their offices nationwide or contact them via their social media channels on Facebook Adronhomesofficial, Twitter @adronhomes and Instagram @adronhomesofficial or visit our website at to read more about Adron Homes and schedule an inspection to any of their lands in Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, Niger, Nasarawa and Abuja with their well-trained sales representative who is ready to take your round or facilities and answer every question to clear every curiosity.

The company is also working on the latest AI tool with a 360-degree panoramic virtual tour of their properties which enables customers to take a virtual tour of their properties without even visiting them in person. The newest innovation will save time and also give clients an avenue to make decisive decisions on the spot.

Apart from Lemon Friday, Adron is known for engaging in massive sales promo to encourage tenants to achieve their dreams of being landlords without breaking the bank.

With a payment plan for 12-48 months, Adron has maintained its consistency in ensuring that customers pay in bits, and after confirmation of payment allocation of lands is done for those who are building immediately.

Their estates are well and tastefully built with modern roads and concrete pavements, recreational facilities and malls. It also boasts of the best street lighting, surveillance security cameras, solid road networks, perimeter fencing, and a whole lot of amenities that make an estate habitable.

The dice have been cast and the floor of opportunities has opened for customers to take advantage of the Lemon Friday delay might be dangerous. Subscribing to any of the plans further solidified your opportunity to transition from being a tenant to a homeowner.

Hurry and start paying because with Adron Homes you are sure of a community built with serenity, peace, and tranquillity at am affordable prices.

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