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Bishop Isaac Idahosa To Host Retired Clergies August 1, See How He Intends to Mark 31st Anniversary of Illumination Assembly Later Same Month

Archbishop Isaac Idahosa
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As the second phase of the eased covid-19 lock-down gets one-week extension as announced by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Archbishop Designate Isaac Idahosa, general superintendent of God First Ministries Inc., widely known as Illumination Assembly has disclosed that he would be meeting with retired clerics, to support their welfare with covid-19 palliative, on August 1.

Why Palliative for Clergies
Bishop Idahosa in a conversation with Apples Bite International Magazine disclosed that leading came in his place of prayer, to cater for the needs of ministers of the gospel who are now too frail to actively involved in ministry work.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa Covid-19 Palliative for Retired Clergies
Bishop Isaac Idahosa Covid-19 Palliative for Retired Clergies

He disclosed in a tête-à-tête with this tabloid, that, although these giving exercises are not sometimes convenient for him, he has vowed to continue to obey whenever God instructs him to act accordingly.

31 Years of Gods Unfailing Grace
In a similar development, the revered cleric and televangelist has disclosed that his ministry, God First Ministries Inc. which was founded in 1989 in Minna, Niger State, would become 31, Tuesday, August 25.

Howbeit, to commemorate the anniversary, Bishop Isaac Idahosa disclosed that he would lead a select team of members of his ministry and associates on a welfare and evangelism visit to the female ward of Kirikiri prison.

Bishop Idahosa has on numerous occasions provided succor for members of the public during the covid-19 lockdown. His most recent was distribution of palliative to widows and widowers.

Bishop Idahosa was recently named ‘Covid-19 Celebrity Champion’ by Apples Bite International Magazine alongside other esteemed Nigerians like Pastor E.A. Adeboye, UK-Nigerian Heavyweight Boxer Anthony Joshua, Musician and Politician Banky W among others.

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