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Bob Marley’s Life Story Finally Told in New Biopic “One Love” [Trailer]

Bob Marley's Life Story Finally Told in New Biopic "One Love" [Trailer]

Bob Marley, the iconic Jamaican reggae star, is finally having his story brought to life in a new biopic titled “Bob Marley: One Love,” produced by his own family. Scheduled for release on February 14th, the film is a collaborative effort involving Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, along with two of their children, Ziggy Marley and Cedella Marley. Starring Kingsley Ben-Adir, Lashana Lynch, and James Norton, the biopic delves into the life and legacy of the legendary musician.

Ziggy Marley, Cedella Marley, and Kingsley Ben-Adir shared insights into the experience of portraying Bob Marley and the profound impact of his life on the big screen.

Ziggy Marley emphasized his father’s commitment to humanity, describing him as a beacon of selflessness and service to others. He highlighted Bob Marley’s role as an exemplar of sacrifice for the betterment of the community, a theme central to the film.
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The narrative briefly touches upon Bob Marley’s parents, Norval Marley and Cedella Booker, portraying the complexities of his upbringing, including his estranged relationship with his father and his mother’s residence in the United States while he was in Jamaica. Ben-Adir, who portrays Marley in the film, immersed himself in the musician’s discography to understand the essence of his character, drawing inspiration from Marley’s music, particularly songs like “So Jah S’eh,” which embody his Rastafarian beliefs and advocacy for social justice.

The biopic also sheds light on Bob Marley’s extensive family, including his eleven children from different relationships. Notably, his three eldest children, Cedella, Ziggy, and Stephen Marley, were born to his wife Rita Marley, whom he married in 1966. The film explores the dynamics of Marley’s personal life, showcasing the profound influence of his family on his music and legacy.

Tragically, Bob Marley’s life was cut short by malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer, which was discovered during treatment for a soccer-related foot injury. His passing at the age of 36 marked the end of an era for reggae music and left a void in the hearts of millions worldwide.


Despite his physical absence, Bob Marley’s spirit remains alive through his music and the enduring love of his fans. He is laid to rest in a mausoleum in Nile Mile, Jamaica, where devotees continue to pay homage to his legacy.

Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s widow, has dedicated her life to preserving his memory and continuing his humanitarian work. She transformed their home in Kingston into the Bob Marley Museum and established the Bob Marley Foundation, ensuring that his message of love and unity endures.

In portraying Rita Marley, Lashana Lynch acknowledges the profound impact of her subject’s generosity and warmth. Lynch’s interactions with Rita Marley left a lasting impression, reflecting the deep admiration and respect she holds for the matriarch of the Marley family.

As “Bob Marley: One Love” hits theaters, audiences are invited to celebrate the life and legacy of a musical legend whose influence transcends generations. Through this biopic, the Marley family invites viewers to experience the essence of Bob Marley’s philosophy: one love, one heart, and one destiny.