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Controversy Trails Introduction of Nigerian ‘Brown Card’ as New Administration Reviews Policy

Controversy Trails Introduction of Nigerian 'Brown Card' as New Administration Reviews Policy Apples Bite Magazine
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Controversy Surrounds Introduction of Nigerian ‘Brown Card’ as New Administration Reviews Policy

The introduction of the Nigerian ‘Brown Card’ has sparked chaos and confusion, as the immediate past government hurriedly implemented the document for permanent residency of foreigners in Nigeria. Former Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, announced this innovation during a ceremony conferring 385 foreigners with the Brown Card. However, the policy was packaged without the involvement of relevant agencies and stakeholders, leading to apprehension and uncertainty.

Stakeholders are raising concerns about the rushed nature of the new policy, questioning its execution and underlying intentions. The lack of proper consultation and involvement of key stakeholders has added to the confusion surrounding the Brown Card. In response to these concerns, a source within the new administration has disclosed that the policy is currently under review.

Amidst this controversy, reports have emerged of individuals with dubious backgrounds, including suspected ISIS members, exploiting backdoor routes using ECOWAS passports from countries like Guinea-Bissau to enter West Africa. These reports have raised further questions about the criteria and security measures associated with obtaining the Brown Card.

During the twilight of the previous administration, numerous policies and bills were signed, with the aim of benefiting Nigerians in the long run. However, the Brown Card policy is now being revisited by the new administration to ensure that the interests of Nigeria as a whole supersede the interests of a few.

As the review takes place, it is anticipated that the concerns and inputs of relevant agencies and stakeholders will be taken into account. The objective is to establish a comprehensive and robust policy framework that prioritizes national security, the well-being of Nigerians, and the integrity of the immigration system. The Nigerian ‘Brown Card’ remains a topic of intense scrutiny and deliberation as the nation strives for a balanced and effective approach to immigration and residency.

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