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Dickmatised Pt 1: How my Period Ruined a Perfect Sex Date

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Don’t fall for a guy because of good sex and sweet penis, o wrong, o dangerous! Don’t do it, don’t grow emotions because your groins are tingling, listen to your head and intuition, don’t ever listen to your hormones, you’ll get hurt, premium Breakfast 🥵, full course meal,🥵 except the energy is mutual beyond sex.

Orgasm is a normal life phenomenon, don’t get thrilled or carried away. Don’t be thirsty!

Sex gone wrong, because of sweet Deek,🥵 and I couldn’t stop thinking about this incident.

What prick would cause ehn! Hmmm
It’s not even funny at all.

So i have been talking to this very amazing guy I met on the Gram,we connected so well and got along.
At a point, we were really getting to each other. we connect gan, we vibrate on the same frequency, it’s been a while I felt that vibe, so I was loving it, and returning the energy.
We talk about almost everything, he was hot asf, and he tickled my fancy.

So we eventually made plans to see on a weekend, baba booked a quiet ‘mosafuneto’ hotel, ( in a resort).

We planned it all, to perfection, it was going to be an amazing date and I could barely sleep the night before the Dick appointment. I had butterflies in my tommy , omo, I sha left home early the next morning as planned, from my place to the resort is 4 hours, so time is precious.

I couldn’t keep calm through the trip, butterflies in my tommy.
we had planned that he’ll pick me up halfway.
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when I got to our pick up point,he was already waiting, looking sweet in his vintage short sleeve shirt, with a cream coloured short to match, he was grinning from ear to ear as I stepped out of the cab, I looked extremely hot on purpose, I was wearing a very tight blue jean, the kind that curves your ass out more, wore a white Nike sneakers, a pink Brallet, that kissed my cleavage with style, and I dropped a white light kimono over it. I had a straw hat on, and a multi coloured beach bag, to match it, light makeup, big earring, and I topped it up with my Chloe shades.
Omo tan 😁 (child have finish).

I knew I looked smashing.🥵👌

He was all I imagined and more, he was thrilled with me also, the energy was mutual and intense, all was sweet, he treated me like an egg, while stealing kisses and complimenting everything about me.

I was Sha on my best behavior,but in my mind ehn, omooooo, I had melted.🥵

Mehn!, I knew I was ready to be kinky, I couldn’t wait to taste him. Gosh! he was Soo damn fine !!! , he has kissed me twice on our way to the resort, while he drove. Even when he hugged me, the way he held me gently and firmly.

I was imagining things. And damn, he smelled Soo damn good, I almost drowned in him, he smelled like Husky musk, like earth, cold and masculine, the smell was a turn on for me, I literally melted😁🥵
We checked into the resort with no hassles, (reservations had already been made).

We kept gisting, laughing and stealing kisses while we were lead to our suite, I couldn’t wait, this weekend is gonna be lit, I already had a clean shave, and pampered my jajaina two nights before. I was ready to lick and be eaten.

We got into our suite, and settled in,
We already bought everything we needed on our way, lots of red wine , fruits, food, He already got some good Canadian marijuana, and junks.

While he arranged the things we bought, I went to the bathroom to freshen up, I was tired and sticky from the stress of the trip.

After my shower, I wore a sexy black net night gown,and dropped the resort Robe on it, splashed myself to smell edible , and stepped out, he was undressed, just his boxers, and I could see it all, damn hot 🥵 I’m in on a treat. He rolled some, lit it up, took a few puffs and passed it to me,

Can I pour you some wine? He asked, I was busy gushing and blushing in my mind, yes I said, and he opened one of the bottle of four cousins Red wine we got, and poured me some, and headed to the bathroom to freshen up too.

When he entered the bathroom, I hurriedly went to my bag for top up, used some more body splash, applied lip gloss on.

We were gisting while he was taking a shower, I was ready.

He asked me to play some good music via the Bluetooth speaker in the room, I connected and blasted some good shit.

He came out looking like a snack, without wearing anything, and he asked for the towel, while holding my gaze, I couldn’t keep my eyes of his Damn fine penis? 😍 Stepped close to give him the towel, he pulled me closer gently but firmly, and started kissing my neck, my face, turned me over, so I’m backing him, he started kissing my back, my shoulders, down my spine, I was having goosebumps mehn! In my mind, I knew he’s got a lot of Dickfidence.

He kissed my butt cheeks, and planted soft bites on each butt, he was taking his time, and i was loving it every bit of it.

He turned me back, to face him, and started kissing me, biting my lips softly, and sucking my tongue gently, caressing my lips with his tongue, and kissing me fully, damn I was wet🥵, ‘Boboyi ma pami nau’😁.

He gently backed me till I sat on the bed, kissing me all over my body, I was in paradise. 🥵

When he was sucking on my nipples, I was melting, I had to keep my hands busy, this feeling is overwhelming, so I touched him, he was damn hard😩. He rolled me on top of him, and continued touching me, I was Soo wet, he kept sucking my nipples, while he grinded against my coochie.

After a while, he shifted my lingerie, and started caressing my pussy lips with his dick, and he slided in, he filled me up, I almost cried, It was a deep slow ride with insane kisses, I was loving every bit of it, not until I climbed down, so we could change position, next thing I heard was ” are you on your period?” I almost fainted, he almost didn’t believe I did not do it on purpose, I sha gave him 2 points why he should believe me. Not on purpose, I wasn’t expecting the stupid period till next week, see I cried o, I cried gan, I felt embarrassed, I no believe am, e shock me.

But he was understanding, And we planned I’m looking forward to our next for another day, he went and got me a sanitary pad, I was impressed and sad. We chilled and gisted a little while longer, but i felt really awkward, I cried again in the middle of gist, he consoled me, and I told him I wanted to leave, he booked me a cab an gave me some money, I rejected at first, out of shame, but he insisted, in my mind, I was glad he insisted. I collected it shamefully, It was quite a bulk nau, 😁 and he made made feel calm, and reassured me that we’re cool.

So we kept in touch, since the last incident. I knew sex with him was going to blow my mind , so we reactivated our date again without prior notice, because he was traveling, and he’ll be gone for a while. Haaaaa 😳 , mo dive straight, and got on the road the next morning. 3 hours journey, because I took a damn bike halfway.🤦 all for the dick , it was crazier than I thought it would be. He eat me up Soo good, licking, kissing, sucking, blowing air, I was in heaven.
This guy fills me up, when he entered me, I was in heaven. damn he messed me up without too much Effort, I even squirted, he let me ride till I could ride no more. He fucks with confidence 🤦 he knows what he’s doing, me that I’ve been horny since the last time we were together. and I purposely kept the coochie for him, cos I know we’ll see soon, I felt every bit of it. When he gave me a doggy, I almost fainted, damn sweet😭😭, no one has fucked me like that since forever. I took all the dick o, Because nigga ain’t mine. And I decided not to see him again, I can’t afford to be attached to him. He’s addictive. My pussy still tingles. I couldn’t get over him for weeks.

Ps. He was married


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