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Don’t Mortgage Our Future, Vote Wisely- Olowu of Kuta Counsels Nigerians

Olowu of Kuta, HRM Oba Adekunle Makama Oyelude, Tegbosun iii, has urged Nigerians going to the polls tomorrow to think twice before casting their votes. Oba Makama in a video that has gone viral said it’s incumbent on the electorate to vote wisely because of the dire consequences of electing a bad leader. According to him, since it will take another four years to effect another change, voters must be sure of the leadership they are endorsing for another four years.

Olowu believes that the electorate should take the responsibility to research and evaluate the candidates before casting their votes. They should look at the track record of the candidates and make sure they are voting for the leader that will bring the most positive change to their community and country.

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His words; “ Our sons and daughters, I urge you all to come out en mass peacefully to exercise your civic responsibility on Saturday 25th February 2023. The constitution of Nigeria has bestowed on you the right to choose and elect a leader and leaders that will lead us in various strata. 

May God give you the wisdom to think wisely and vote wisely. “Don’t sell your votes.

Your votes will determine our collective future as a country. So I urge you all to use your voting power rightly.
Elect a leader that’s God-fearing, elect a leader that will lead us to the promised land. We don’t have any option to reverse any wrong decision you take on behalf of us all until after four years.”