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“Mom, who is my dad? Where is he? I want to see him! When is he coming?” My inquisitive son would ask repeatedly. “During visiting days and PTA meetings in school, my mate’s dad came and bought him chocolates too. They all ask me when my daddy will visit too.

All my friends in school have mums and dads, but it is just you and grandma that comes to my school when parents are invited. I’m not happy mum,” he just would not stop! The nine year old leaves me speechless these past few weeks. He reminds me of my dark moments. What do I tell him?
When I walked out of his father’s life, it was for good, I did not anticipate a time would come I’d be summoned to answer for his where about. I never prepared for these questions.

This evening, I need to breathe!
I decided to take a stroll down my estate, dressed in my regular fitted jogger and a tee. My worst nightmare stares me in the eyes. I am a single mom and every time I’m being confronted with these questions from my son, I become flimsy, or simply elusive.

How do I explain to his tender yet curious mind, that I divorced his father because, he was manipulative, he never acknowledge my strength and belittles my achievements, or that he was extremely possessive, a serial cheat and lair too. I was a shadow of myself while the marriage lasted. I couldn’t bear the thought of going forever with him. I’ll rather stay unmarried and sane.

How would my little angel understand all these. He once called me selfish. Or maybe I was selfish because, I did not consider my son, who needed to grow in an atmosphere of love from both parents.

So I strolled down a few blocks, to clear my head and rehearse what to tell my son about never meeting his father in a life time. And then, something striking caught my attention. I saw my best friend’s fiancé with an heavily pregnant lady in at a restaurant, sitting and having what seem like a serious discussion.

Or so I assumed, until their intimate gestures gave them away, as being more than acquaintances.

I walked past them, from the opposite direction, I couldn’t bare to miss this gist. The expectant lady crossed over to his side of the table, and the endearment finally cleared my doubts.

The lady in question is pregnant apparently for a guy that would wed my friend in just a week! Men are so impossible!

I was in dilemma for hours, before I resort to calling my friend, I couldn’t bear to conceal this weighty information to myself.

To my greatest surprise , my friend told me he makes her happy, and since she was not getting any younger, she’d to accept him.

According to her, Finding Happiness comes at a cost, and she’s is ready to live with hers.

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