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Flash Back Friday! Memory Lane by Kunmithesupercat

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Hello y’all,😁 your favorite vibe giver is here again,✌️😁 So Since it’s FLASH BACK FRIDAY , let’s go down memory lane a little.

Memory (ies), memory (ies), 😊
Memory (ies) are not often cherished, until a circumstance triggers us to remember the incident or scenario.
Most times we even forget the casts that feature in a particular phase of our life, either major or minor, we forget it all, until we are in a position to make reference, or we’re trying to create a synergy, or we need an ally,
Until then, memories are underrated.
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Memories ,Memories memories,
It’s easier to Relish on the good ones, drool over amazing moments endlessly, we blush, we smile, we get butterflies in our tommy. But what about the bad Memories ??? Huh?
It’s easier to shut it out right ??🤦
Nah it’s wrong, don’t shut it out, Relish on it also, I hear it’s easier to heal by confronting it, than shutting it in the dark alley of our mind.
Trauma changes people and perspectives.

I remember when I was 18, I had my first trauma, with my first boyfriend, he is a twin, let’s give him MR First Trauma (FT) for short. I met FT through my best friend as at that time, let’s call her Zainab. Zainab and I were inseparable, we became friends in Jss2/Jss3 , through novels, ( James Hardly chase, mills and booms,songbooks,hints, hearts, etc).
We used to go to her house after school, and all. FT was Zainab’s  elder brothers friend. I was very little, so I didn’t notice him, but he noticed me, and was waiting for me to become of age. Ehn ehn??  Issokay, 😁

So a few years later, I had just entered Gce/waec/jamb class. ( My mum hit a lot of big bucks then, so she fastened my education, pulled me out from SS2, and put me in one of the best tutorials in the area.) So I can enter UNI sweetly.
So I was a big girl now, no more uniform, mufty always, I had a lot of pretty things, I could use lipgloss, eye pencil , fix weavon , fringe and make fine braids,  fixing Rihanna’s shut up and drive hair style 😁 wear pretty things, pop socks, pencil trousers, carrot jeans and trousers, and do shakara, at least I was almost 18, I have arrived small, everywhere sweet.😁✌️
I was still going to Zainab’s house very much, as usual, and she comes to mine too always. I mean she was my best friend nau, we always complimented each other. She was in Ss3 in a different school, she was hot asf too, we were killing it.

FT started making moves, he was already in school (UNILAG). And he was fine asf!… I agreed, I had butterflies in my stomach for him too, because he was smooth and fine asf.🥵 Mo Fe daku. It wasn’t hard to love him, did I even know what love was at that age???🤦

Our love story Sha started, I would go to tutorials, mark register and I’ll disappear, I’ll go to to see FT. It became a norm.But because I had a curfew, and I was always copying notes, ( I barely stayed in class, after all, na special center). Sometimes, he’ll come pick me after the first two classes, mostly ( maths and literature, I don’t joke with it, mum would kill me, English has always been puff-puff to me, so I could skip the class.).
I love it whenever he comes to see me or pick me at my tutorial, it was always a proud and blissful moment 😁, because I made them stare, infact everyone stares, I was fine asf, with lots of shakara, forgorsake my boyfriend is in Unilag, fine boy, big boy. 😂 Even thou I was chopping steady beating, 🤦🥵 because I’ll come home by 6pm, while tutorial ends by 3:30pm or 4:00pm,

Mum: nibo lo lo ? ( Where did you go?)

Me : ( I start to stutter and stammer)

( Better beating with belt dey follow up😭😭)

But I no hear word, I was in love and stupid.

I was busy Loving up. 😁🤦 That time, Usher Raymond ( my boo) was on trend, and that was our code and love language. Oh how sweet love was.🥵🥰

Our love was shortlived thou, and it  changed my life with a life wrecking trauma.

Few months later, it was Valentine’s day, he bought me a red thong ( my first Victoria secret thong), and a bra to match,😁 I was in love ❤️. I skipped tutorial classes as usual, (all for love o 😭🥵) and went to be with my Love, he took me to Mr Bigs, we eat, bought me big fanice ice cream,a perfume and a card, it was simply bliss.
We went back home to make love, and to test my new thong, he wanted to see it on me, I couldn’t wait too.😁
We got home, entered his room, locked the door, and started kissing, gisting and laughing, we love each other, and we’ve been together for months. I changed Into the thong, it was hot, it had tiny dropping ropes attached to the band, so It kind of looked like a strippers thong, it was beautiful, I wore the bra along, omoo, I was looking like Tyra Banks.🥰
He brought out his phone, ( we were using the same phone at the time, Samsung slide, we called it Samsung Drogba, because drogba the footballer did the advert for the phone, it was a Samsung with multiple passwords, different password for media, messages,call log, it was Sha different password for everything on the phone, and my name was the password to media, my middle name was password to messages.) So he put his phone on camera, and asked me to pose, I did without questions, he was all smiles, and telling me poses to strike, singing along, feeling myself, I started dancing along, it was fun and beautiful. Later, we both watched the dance video and pictures couple of times, blushing and kissing, it was beautiful, I was in love, happy and stupid.🥺

Our love sha continued with no hassles, everyone knew us together.

So , I had just finished writing my jamb, remain Post Jamb. 😁 I was a big girl in my little shallow mind, I already had a little freedom with a 7pm curfew. Because I passed waec and Gce beautifully, mum even shopped for me, I had everything, life was falling in fine lines for me,😁 and I was in love, and we would get married when I’m 24. ( I was not informed that adulthood was a different ball game😭).

April 1st, I woke up early as usual, did the dishes from previous night dinner,
grabbed broom, swept everywhere, was sweeping the corridor when I heard my phone ring ( my Samsung slide drogba). And it was Zainab calling,
Me : Hey babes
Zainab : you’re very stupid, I hate you, I don’t ever want to see you again, (and she hangs up.)

Me : (shocked, drops broom, closes main door properly, and goes down the stairs a little, dialing back to also drop my insult, cos I was shocked and angry)

Zainab:  ( she picks)
Hello , I’m disappointed in you, why would you record yourself, I saw your video, someone even said you also have a sex tape, please don’t talk to me again, I hate you. ( She hangs up)

Me : ( shocked and scared, crying already, I dial FT)


FT: hello my love

Me : ( in tears) , Zainab just called me and said she saw a video of me dancing naked

FT: Huh? I don’t understand, video? How ? I did not show your video to any one. Where are you?

Me : I’m home, getting ready for tutorials.

FT : come to my place please, let’s talk.

I said okay, rounded up my chores quickly, I  pretended to be fine,and I left home hurriedly. I did not even bother going to mark register at tutorial, I just went straight to his house. I got there, I told him everything Zainab said, and he laughed out loud, and said it’s April Fool, I was scared, and unconvinced, so I asked how she knew, he said she probably made it up, he swore he never told anyone, and he never showed any one either. He was really convincing, I also tried to reach Zainab, she wasn’t picking.
I slept with fear and FT’s assurance every night, believing it’s really April fool.
But it wasn’t.

Images courtesy of Kunmi the Super Cat - ApplesBite International Magazine and Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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Kunmi 'the Super Cat' is a massage therapist, an erotic content writer and an all round vibe giver.

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