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Hamas Founder’s Son, Yousef Breaks Silence, lams Hamas

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Mosab Hassan Yousef, also known as the “Green Prince,” the son of a Hamas founder, slammed Hamas and its Western supporters on Piers Morgan on a Thursday segment.

Yousef appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored after the popular English talk show presenter hosted a slew of other guests to speak about their perspectives on the Israel-Hamas war, including pro-Palestinian guests whose segments have gone viral such as Islamist YouTube preacher Mohammad Hijab, Egyptian comedian and television host Bassem Youssef, Young Turks creator Cenk Uygur, and British rapper Lowkey.

Yousef has long spoken publicly about his experiences growing up as the son of a Hamas leader, being imprisoned, and becoming an informant and later advocate for Israel.

“Hamas just wants the destruction of Israel”
“Since its establishment, Hamas has [had] one goal in mind, which is annihilating the State of Israel,” Yousef stated. He went on to say, “It’s not a secret that Hamas wants to destroy the State of Israel. They cannot accept Israel or accept Israel’s right to exist,” he said.

Regarding Hamas’s massacre in southern Israel on October 7, the Palestinian activist said that while he was caught off guard by the scale of the attack, he wasn’t surprised by Hamas’s brutality.

He noted that Hamas’s slaughter of Israelis, a people who are saddled with trauma from the Holocaust, “opened the gates of hell on the Palestinian people,” demonstrating their lack of concern and willingness to sacrifice Palestinian children and civilians.

“This is my message as an ex-Hamas member, as a son of one of Hamas’s founders: enough of this. If we don’t stop them now, the next war is going to be deadlier.”

In response to a subsequent question regarding what portion of Gazan Palestinians sympathized with or supported Hamas, the Palestinian activist asserted that when Hamas is finally ousted not only would Gazans celebrate, but they would thank Israel for doing so.

Morgan later asked about Yousef’s response to pro-Palestinian activists who put the blame for the conflict on Israel.

“Since my childhood, hearing the stories from [those who are] pro-Palestine and from those who are using the so-called ‘Palestinian cause.’ They care the least for the Palestinian children and their future. I am the legit legitimate representative of the Palestinian children. The child within me speaks!”

In an apparent reference to previous Piers Morgan guests such as Mohammad Hijab and Lowkey, Yousef added, “I don’t want somebody coming from London or somebody coming from the other side of the world to tell me what is the struggle of the Palestinian children. “The Palestinian children, the Palestinian society have been hijacked by these criminals, and anybody who takes their side is participating in their crime.”

He went on to contrast Israel and Hamas, highlighting things such as while Hamas uses human shields and puts up roadblocks to prevent civilians from escaping, Israel calls ahead to warn Gazans before an airstrike occurs.

“We don’t need another corrupt Arab regime”
“Enough bloodshed and enough involvement from people who don’t care. They are just warriors on keyboards. They’re just storming world capitals saying ‘Free Palestine! Free Palestine!’ They don’t know what the hell Palestine is! I am Palestine! And [what] I say is ‘enough of Hamas!’” he exclaimed.

”We don’t want a Palestinian state, I don’t want a Palestinian State. Palestinian children need education, they need security, they need life. This is what they need, they don’t need another corrupt Arab regime.”

Morgan then asked if the Israelis were taking the best course of action or whether the airstrikes and the coming ground invasion risked radicalizing more Palestinian youth.

“Listen to this,” Yousef said. “We are going to remove Hamas from power. Remember my words. Hamas did not only bring the wrath of Israel over Gaza. Hamas brought the wrath of God. We are going to remove them from power and we are going to prosecute their leaders and we are going to bring them to justice. And the world will witness their punishment, and everyone who takes their side today, in this state of confusion, thinking that this is a joke, I tell those people that you are going to regret taking the side of Hamas. You are going to regret taking the side of those criminals who are killing the Palestinian people.”

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