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Medical Expenses are Expensive, Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle by Kola Ganiyu

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Kolawole Ganiyu writes on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as against spending avoidably on medical expenses.

When advocates of qualitative education and by extension, enlightenment, want to put forward reasons why acquiring good education should never be under estimated, as against popular belief that it is costly.

To advance a point, they say ”if you say education is expensive, try ignorance”. Yes, they know educating an individual is synonymous to filling up a vacuum. It demands a lot. It is a direct function of two factors - capacity and will.

You might have come out as the most outstanding student whom everyone regards as a bookworm in your graduating set. If the will is missing, you may end up a failure in your attempt to educate others.

At the same time, you may have a penchant for impacting others to learn more knowledge, but that alone cannot make you a teacher, least, not a good one.

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So these must be considered for any would-be tutor.

The price you pay for getting informed, educated or enlightened is not cheap. You pay for it.

Similarly, for healthy living, medical spending has its toll on the psychological health of the victim whose main mind preoccupation at that moment, is to return to their former self, health-wise. As little as migraine can be to its host, it has the capacity of making one hate oneself and triggering depressive mood for whoever feels it.

That is how far ill-health can go to make life unbearable for an individual.

Sadly, the 21st century generation has progressed beyond minor health issues. Headaches, stomach pain, cuts and bruises, burns, cold and flu, ear infections, allergies and allergic reactions are becoming old-fashioned. It looks like they are leaving the stage for bigger health issues.

Kidney-related problems are now rampant. Lungs now get infected very easily. Blood clotting is no longer the exclusive right of the rich. You can be very poor and still be carrying a clotted blood for years. Living dead! Hypertension is no loner an age-related medical issue.

You can be in your third year in a college and be hypertensive. Blood does have cancer. As small and useless an appendix can be to the human body, if it is inflamed and you do not detect it early, you are dead!

I once had its frightening bitter experience.
While the traumatic experiences of these health problems never leave the victim even after scaling through, only very few can stand their financial demands.

The management of most of these ”big brother” health conditions usually involves costly surgery, closely-monitored pattern of drugs prescription and usage. These are quite demanding and it takes only a handful of strong-willed victims to pass their test and remain the same. After recovery, what you have got to manage is post-trauma. Trauma after recuperating from certain major health issues that have undergone surgery requires special services of an experienced psychologist. And these uncommon services often come with financial sacrifice.

The list is immeasurable, and so are their painful costs. In avoiding the costs that those situations unavoidably need, a simple lifestyle remains a better option. It is cost effective. It assures one of a restful mind - a mind that is devoid of crisis (both actual and expected), an undisturbed and unperturbed mindset. Please drink water regularly. Please live and drink responsibly. Please exercise more, preferably aerobics. Please go for regular check ups. Please take less calories.
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It is always cheaper to stay on the preventive lane where you may not spend a dime, than to struggle for getting cured of an ailment.

Kolawole Ganiyu writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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