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NNPP Lagos Accuses Sanwo-Olu’s Government of Endangering the Lives of Lagosians

Sanwo-Olu hails Oyetola at 68
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The Lagos state chapter of the NEW NIGERIAN PEOPLES PARTY on Tuesday accused the governor of Lagos States Babajide Sanwo-Olu of endangering the lives of the citizens that boards commmetcisl buses.

According to the spokesman of the party , Hon Richard Benson Echigbue, who is also the State Publicity Secretry of the Inter Party AdvisoryCouncil (IPAC), according to him said the state government is not concern about the lives of the citizens of Lagos that boards the popular Yellow and Black commercial as well as the other commercial buses This he said that the State Government established the Vehicle Inspection Agency popularly known as V. I. O, an agency saddled with the sole responsibility of ensuring that the vehicles that ply Lagos roads are in good condition and that their documents are up to date. and are subjected to an inspection process.

All vehicless are expected to undergo their inspections process but it is discovered that only the YELLIOW AND BLACK VEHICLES and other COMMERCIAL VEHICLES that are not subjected to the inspection of the Agency for reasons best known to the State government
However, it is believed that the state government gives commercial buses preference over all other vehicles in the state reasons being that the sate government collect huge sum of money from the management of the commercial buses in the state. on a daily basis ,so therefore the laws are not best front them. This was exhibited in the appointment given to the erstwhile chairman of the NURTW that was suspended by the national body and was eventually removed .

This explains the correlation and relativity between the state government and the NURTW which igives the Yellow and Black buses as was all other commercial buses the courage to break traffic laws and do whatever they deem right on your major roads like , drive one way , make a U-turn on a dual carriage road ,park at any sporty and driving on one way road etc.

Consequently, The spokesman of the NEW NIGERIN PEOPLES PARTY charged the state governor to redefine the rules of engagement of the V.I.O agency and ensure that all vehicles are subjected to the inspection and State and traffic laws must be strictly adhered to by all commercial buses to ensure equity and justice for all in the state among various vehicles plying the roads and regardless of the amount the state government generate from the commercial buses ,the lives of the masses matter most and should be protected from accidents and other unforeseen occurrence as a result of the bad shape and condition of the commerciall buses on the road.

Furthermore,,the publicity Secretary said the government is just being non- chalant to the complaint of the people who voted them in during elections.He reiterated the fact that Lagos residents should not waste their time and vote for the party that will not have their interest at heart which that the people need a a responsive and a reliable government that will ensure that security of lives is guaranteed .He went further to say that Lagos State that claims to be the Centre of Excellentce is supposed to lead by good example in governance and in policy but rather it’s a case of ANYTHING GOES SYNDROME with the ommerecal buses drivers who are bosses and law makers on their own without government control or a standard that will serve as a check to their activities cos the ruling party often use them in turn in many ways for their selfish interest to do their dirty jobs at various locations for designated assignment.

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