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RAPE CONVICTION: Barcelona Removes Dani Alves From Official List Of Club Legends

Dani Alves

Spanish club Barcelona has officially removed Brazilian defender, Dani Alves, from its list of club legends in the aftermath of his recent conviction for rape.

The former Barcelona defender was sentenced to four and a half years in prison last week after being found guilty of the crime in a Barcelona nightclub bathroom.

Despite Alves’ illustrious career with Barcelona, ​​where he has amassed an impressive 23 trophies, the club has taken the step to distance itself from the disgraced player.

The club’s list of legends, which venerates 102 iconic figures from its history, will no longer include Alves following his rape conviction.

Alves is also facing another humiliation in his hometown of Juazeiro, located in his native Brazilian state of Bahia.

Residents in Bahia have called for the removal of a statue honoring Alves, which has already been vandalized.