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Sweden to Host Inaugural European Sex Championship, Recognizing Sex as a Competitive Sport

Sweden to Host Inaugural European Sex Championship, Recognizing Sex as a Competitive Sport
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Sweden has officially recognized sex as a sport and is gearing up to host its inaugural sex competition next week. Participants in the championship will engage in sex sessions lasting up to six hours per day. The winners will be determined by a panel of judges, with audience influence also taken into account.

The European Sex Championship is scheduled to commence on June 8 and will span a period of six weeks. Participants will engage in sexual activities ranging from 45 minutes to one hour daily, depending on the duration of their matches.

Reports indicate that the audience will play a role in the decision-making process, observing various aspects of the sexual activities. Factors such as chemistry between partners, sexual knowledge, and endurance levels will be considered in determining the winners.

Interestingly, participants will also receive points based on their knowledge of the ancient Sanskrit scripture on sex and eroticism, the Kamasutra. Familiarity with the Kamasutra will contribute to their overall score in the competition.

Moreover, the championship aims to foster inclusivity by welcoming individuals from different sexual orientations. The organizers believe that sexual orientation can play a significant role in the competition and influence the outcome of matches.

Expressing their enthusiasm for the event, the organizers of the sex competition consider the incorporation of sexual orientation as a strategic element to be a pioneering development among European countries.

The announcement of the sex competition has generated diverse reactions on social media. While some users support the move as a means to address inhibitions surrounding sex, others have expressed skepticism.

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