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Tiamiyu: A Man Raised in Hate by Olawale Olaleye

Tiamiyu: A Man Raised in Hate
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Tiamiyu: A Man Raised in Hate

Take a quick look at them, and then you can have a better understanding of why they’re inclined to think differently.

On the left is a Nigerian of Igbo extraction, Dr. Emeka Okorocha, who currently works with the NHS in the UK, after relocating to the country with his father (also a doctor) as a dependant, many years ago.

He was interviewed recently on a television programme about the population explosion in the UK on the assumptions that it was stoked by Nigerians studying abroad, and he gave a good account of himself as a proud Nigerian, raised in love and self-esteem.

UK ban: Nigerians blast Youtuber Emdee Tiamiyu over comment on student visa

He refused to be reduced to the intentions of the interviewer or what he had set out to achieve about Nigeria and Nigerians. Thank you, Emeka.

But to your right is some jobless Yoruba thickhead, Emdee Tiamiyu, who is trending for running down his country and whose completely inane interview with the BBC, was believed to have sealed the fate of other Nigerians honestly hoping to study abroad and as well take their relatives along.

Unfortunately, this cretin also reportedly left Nigeria on the same account of a dependant visa.

However, when you look at Tiamiyu’s sadistic demeanour and the slave mentality he still relishes, you can hedge a sure bet he was raised in hate and low self-esteem, coupled with lack of security.

He doesn’t look happy either, even though he feigns constant smiles. It’s a facade. And for a man, who looks like a prototype poverty, he certainly couldn’t have done any better.

He has no genuine remorse yet and has continued to try, albeit fruitlessly, to rationalise his rather thoughtless views on Nigerians emigrating to the UK to study with their families.

It’s simple. When a man has no personal joy, he also has no regrets infecting an entire generation with his disease of hopelessness because being pathetic is his life.

Oloriburuku pataki!

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