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Tinubu Sends Message To Nigerians On Independence Day

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The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has asked Nigerians to commit themselves to the unity of the country.
In a statement on Saturday to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day, Tinubu cautioned the citizens against undermining national purpose in pursuit of narrow gain.

He said Nigeria’s independence anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on how the nation has progressed and how it can become a better nation.

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Tinubu added that the celebration offers Nigerians the opportunity to take stock of how far the country as developed and how far Nigerians must go to achieve a better nation.

He said: “On this Independence Day, let us commit ourselves to Nigeria’s unity as well as to our collective improvement. In unity, we must see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of our ethnic, religious or regional diversity.

“In seeking national improvement, we must join hands in growing the economy, creating jobs, feeding the hungry, educating our youth, caring for the sick and protecting our people and their way of life from evil and misguided foes who seek to destroy all that is good.

“May we all seek the best for Nigeria regardless of partisan affiliation and may we never undermine the national purpose in pursuit of narrow gain.”

The former Governor of Lagos Stats also advised Nigerians to shun violence during the 2023 elections and other forms of electoral malpractices.

He said: “As the nation heads toward the coming election, may we all eschew violence and recourse to divisive, incendiary politics that pull against the fabric of national unity and concord.

“Thus, on this occasion of Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day, I congratulate all Nigerians everywhere. I wish you all a memorable celebration of both peace and unity.”

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