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Valentine Special: Love erotica with Kunmi the Super Cat

In the spirit of love, it’s Valentine, and since I’m a single Pringle, I’m sharing this for my fellow single Pringles.😁

No date, No Loml, no body post us for status, no surprise panranran,🤦😭 It’s fine, na single we single , we no kill person, lets love ourselves more.💕

Since we are not taken, let’s reflect on the CRAZIEST THINGS we have done while in love. The good, bad and the ugly.
There was this one time, the guy I was dating at the time, let’s call him Mr X.

Mr X was amazing, and sweet to default, we did practically everything together, especially sexually, o bad gan. We were at the beach one night, smoking weed, listening to music, and gisting, and a kiss led to another, meanwhile, we were not alone, he slowly put his hand under the table, shifted my bikini pants, and slowly carressed my clit, and kept smoking and gisting, like nothing is happening, I kuku knew at the back of my mind from the onset that he’s a naughty guy, that’s why I wore a bikini bra and pant, with a kimono, I was prepared 😁 so I adjusted myself slightly, to make it easier for him to slide a finger in, he was looking at me and smiling, and teasing, refusing to put his finger him, damn! “Wo! I’m aroused, baby please, put it in”, I said, he laughed, asked me to stand up and turned my chair to face him very well, in my mind I knew I was in trouble, and I was ready and up for it, I sat back down, lit a stick of cigarette, and removed my kimono to cover my legs and thighs, as if I was avoiding mosquitoes, lol.

I relaxed and let him finger fuck me till I came, I couldn’t moan, I had to act normal, but my head was in the clouds. Nobody knew what X was doing underground, I couldn’t wait for us to get home, I knew I was in trouble, but i like trouble.😁✌️