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Why Ogun State Can’t Afford To Lose Governor Abiodun by Gbolahan Adetayo

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Why Ogun State Can’t Afford To Lose Governor Abiodun By Gbolahan Adetayo

Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun (MFR), come Saturday, 18 March 2023, will be on the ballot seeking to be re-elected for a second office as governor.

Abiodun’s record of accomplishment in Ogun State has made him a popular figure among residents, who believe that the state cannot afford to lose him. In his first term in office, the talk and do governor made significant progress in infrastructure development, job creation, and poverty reduction. He constructed and rehabilitated several roads across the state, including the Ilaro-Abeokuta Road, the Ejinrin-Ijebu Ode Road, and the Sagamu-Interchange Road.

He also initiated programs aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses, such as the Ogun State Anchor Borrowers Scheme and the Ogun State Enterprise Development Fund.

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Residents of Ogun State see Governor Abiodun as a capable and reliable leader who has delivered on his promises. Don’t let us forget in haste his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has further solidified his reputation, with his prompt and effective measures credited with helping to slow the spread of the virus in the state. The governor’s re-election campaign has gained momentum, with supporters and well-wishers coming out in droves to show their support for his vision of progress and development.

One of the reasons why Ogun State cannot afford to lose Abiodun is the progress he has made in infrastructure development. The governor’s first term was marked by the construction and rehabilitation of several roads across the state, as well as the establishment of several industrial parks. These initiatives have helped to boost economic activities in the state and create jobs for residents.

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Another reason why Governor Abiodun is highly regarded by residents of Ogun State is his commitment to education. The governor has prioritized the education sector, with a focus on improving the quality of education and increasing access to education for all residents.

During his first term in office, Prince implemented several initiatives aimed at improving the standard of education in the state. He launched the Ogun State Education Trust Fund, which provides financial support to students who are unable to pay their tuition fees. The governor also established the Ogun State Digital Learning Initiative, which is aimed at providing students with access to technology-based learning resources.

In addition to infrastructure development and education, Governor Abiodun has also made significant progress in poverty reduction and job creation. His government’s efforts in these areas have been lauded by residents, who believe that the governor’s policies have helped to improve their standard of living.

Dapo has initiated several programs aimed at reducing poverty, such as the Ogun State Economic Transformation Programme and the Ogun State Anchor Borrowers Scheme. These programs have helped to create jobs, support small businesses, and stimulate economic growth in the state.

With the governor’s track record of achievement and his commitment to progress and development, residents of Ogun State believe that losing him would be a significant setback for the state. They have expressed their support for the Governor, stating that his re-election would ensure continuity in the state’s progress and development.

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