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Yomi Casual Debunks Gay Rumours, Curses Self, Rumour Mongers In Explosive Outburst

Yomi Casual Debunks Gay Rumours, Curses Self, Rumour Mongers In Explosive Outburst
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Yomi Casual, the Nigerian fashion designer, has debunked claims purporting that he’s gay.

The designer went all out to express his rage in a social media outburst addressing rumours about his sexuality.

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Yomi, in an Instagram post, described the gay rumours as “damaging” to his reputation as a businessman.

“It is always easy for friends and family to reach out and say, ignore them, silence is golden,” he said.

“They will get tired and move on to the next person. But I am the one wearing the shoes.

“I’m the one feeling all pain and damage to my reputation as a father, husband, and businessman.”

The celebrity stylist spewed unprintable words and warned accusers to quit spreading false claims about him.

Yomi Casual further pronounced “death, doom, and destruction” on people aiding and spreading the rumours.

He said he decided, against the advice of his friends, to speak up after reflecting during a Church service.

The stylist described the rumour as a smear campaign “borne out of envy, jealousy, wickedness, and insecurities”.

“May those of you who share such lies against me be also entertained with the pain you bring to my family,” he said.

Yomi Casual married his partner Grace Makun in October 2017 and has so far had three children with her.

Image courtesy of Akinshola Lucky Akintelure - ApplesBite International Magazine
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