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5 Ways Internet Affects Relationship Among Family Members

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For a fact, technology and internet are some of the best inventions ever made by men, for men.

Technology has made human life more seamless, and because of internet the world has now become a small village, where everyone stay connected, and communication now, is no longer constrained by space and time.

However, like everything else that has its benefits and also pose inherent challenge, it is safe to say, that while the internet has been a blessing, it has also been a curse of some sort.
Internet has made it possible to have access to information globally and also to witness what is happening to other people at real time.

With the Advent of internet connection, we can have conversations, games, and be present at the same time in multiple locations on different continents for meetings, leisure or what have you at the same time.

However, when given a closer appraisal, while the internet helps us connect with people far away, it is widening the gap of communication and relationships between us and those physically closest to us.

Thanks to the internet, a couple can be physically both present in a room, while they’re individually fixated on their devices texting other people.

Siblings living together, can go on for days, weeks or more without communication, yet they’re connecting with people far away. Internet has helped people close business deals, grow businesses and connect with associates. The same internet is responsible for the breakdown of marriages, love lost relationships among siblings and has even been responsible for cold wars between ethnic groups.

Here are five effects internet and social media indulgence have on individuals and family connection.

1. Lack of interpersonal Communication Skill

Todays method of communication has seriously changed from direct, face to face communication, to phone texting. This inadvertently will drastically affect children, as they will have poor interpersonal interaction skills when they grow up.

Spending most of the time with screens, they will limit experience of proper interaction with humans which can lead to low self esteem. This can also affect the performance of a child who is brought up in such surrounding.

2. Takes Away Family Time
In most homes, kids have their own personal rooms with screens, and internet which alienate them from other family members.

When the family retire back home after office and school at the end of the day, it is important to interact with each other. It helps maintain a personal connection and build love.


3. It turns You Into An Indoor Person

The real life is outside, not on the screen of your devices. Internet turns people into delusional humans, preferring to stay in their cocoon, without exploring real life.

A lifestyle with lack of proper exercise, and unhealthy eating habits is the reason most people face health challenges. As people are busy with their gadgets, they have no time for outdoor leisure or games
This lifestyle has caused more health issues, than good for people of all ages.

4. No lone moments to Think
When an internet addict stays indoors, focused on the internet, and taking in all information from different platforms and individuals, such persons are bound to lose their self.

Internet can be noise. Sometimes, you need to shut out from noises, have time for self-evaluation and reappraisal.

5. No more family meal time.

It is good to share the first or last meal together, to have a good bonding time with family members. You can use the breakfast to watch everyone rush to make it in time for school and work.

The dinner time too has also been interrupted by technology with everyone choosing to eat whenever they feel best to have dinner, seeing at evenings are the best times to reply chats or stream live!

Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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