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Announcing Bobrisky as best dressed female was a publicity stunt to promote the movie – Eniola Ajao


Actress Eniola Ajao has stated that announcing crossdresser Bobrisky as the best-dressed female at her movie premiere was a publicity stunt to promote the film.

Bobrisky became a trending topic on social media after the announcement was made by actor Femi Adebayo as many celebrities including Dayo Amusa and Okon Lagos criticised the judges for their decision.

However, speaking in an interview on Arise TV, Enmiola stated that the move was a publicity stunt to promote the film titled Beast of Two Worlds. She stated that she was advised to give the prize to the crossdresser because he is controversial.

While noting that Femi Adebayo should not be blamed for the PR stunt, Eniola also apologised to those offended by her actions.

“It was all jokes, we just wanted to have fun, my team and I decided that we need this film to be in the faces of people. So I was like ‘what can we do for people to talk about this film?’ and we said okay ‘let’s give it to Bob’. Bob is always a controversial person. At the end of the day, people started talking about it but some people are not happy and they are trying to come against Femi Adebayo.

“Femi Adebayo is my boss, he wasn’t even aware of so many things that were going on, I only called him to like ‘oh can you help me to announce this’ He wasn’t part of the judges, he went part of anything. He is an amazing person.

“I am begging you guys, it was all jokes”.

When asked if she understood why announcing Bob as the winner offended the public, especially women, Eniola said: “Yes, I do, but I wanted people to talk about the premiere movie, and at the same time, I wasn’t seeing it from the angle of people are going to get upset that Bob a male. I just want to say I am sorry, I love our culture, I love our tradition, I love women out there so it’s a jokes.”