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Court Dismisses ‘No-Case Submission’ Filed By Abuja Pastor Wielding AK-47

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A Chief Magistrates’ Court in the Federal Capital Territory, on Thursday, dismissed the no-case submission filed by the presiding pastor of the Abuja parish of the House on the Rock, Uche Aigbe, who is being prosecuted by the police for taking an AK-47 to the pulpit to preach.

The case stemmed from a Sunday church service in February when Aigbe mounted the pulpit with an AK-47 rifle to illustrate his sermon titled “Guarding your faith.”

The incident generated widespread controversy after the video went viral.

The House on the Rock and the pastor apologised, however, the police filed charges against Aigbe and two others.

In the charge, the police said the defendants, on February 12, 2023, got the firearm from Inspector Musa Audu attached to House on the Rock Refuge Church, Wuye, Abuja on guard duty.

The prosecution said the defendants acted contrary to the law and were liable to be punished under Section III of the Firearms Act CAP F28, LFN 2004 and Sections 97, 114 and 397 of the Penal Code.

Aigbe and his co-defendants have, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On the close of the prosecution’s case, Aigbe was expected to open his defence, but he filed a no-case submission, arguing that the charges against him lacked substance.

However, in a ruling on Thursday, the magistrate, Abubakar Ismail, dismissed the no-case submission, holding that the prosecution had established a case strong enough for Aigbe to open his defence.

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