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How Tinuke’s 2-Can-Do Fitness is Helping People Achieve Their Wellness and Fitness Goals at Fitness Buddies Naija

fitness buddies Naija
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Fitness Buddies Najia is changing the narrative in the fitness industry with ‘2-Can-Do-Fitness’.

You must have had a vague sense that fitness and excercising are good for a healthy lifestyle, and have also probably heard that it is“healthy for the heart.”

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However, like most people, you’re not motivated enough to break a sweat with any regularity. Tinuke Yusuf through her Fitness Buddies Najia is reinventing people’s perception to workout with her 2-Can-Do-Fitness initiative.

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Tinuke Yusuf, CEO Fitness Buddies Najia

According to the CEO of Fitness Buddies Najia Tinuke Yusuf, motivation or lack of it is a major factor why most people don’t follow through with their or even begin their fitness journey.

“Motivation is one of the major reason why people don’t workout or enjoy workouts. In the journey to wellness one needs a motivating force that will stand as a trigger force to pushing beyond his or her elastic limit.

“Result is very paramount but how do you achieve result without the mind that is open to accepting the challenge? Well this is why at Fitness Buddies, we are on a mission to help people  navigate the challenge of working out alone, by creating a 2-can-do fitness movement of fun, thrill and excitement with your partner or friend or colleague or sibling, while still achieving your fitness goals and living a healthy and wholesome life,” Yusuf remarked.

FITNESS-BUDDIES-NAIJA was created July 1, 2018, by Atinuke Yusuf, an intelligent personality who have sustained her individual credibility through consistency and hard work.

Atinuke Yusuf is an Entrepreneur, a fitness lover, an interior designer and wellness pioneer, also a professional stylish fitness enthusiasts as well, she is the CEO danzefx studio a passionate dance lover.

Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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