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You would have to experience the electrifying, soulful live performance of Gospel and Contemporary African Artiste Esther Mulero, Estee Sax, to appreciate the dexterity and indisputable professionalism with which she plays the saxophone. In this interview with Apple’s Bite International Magazine, Estee Sax recounts her journey to self-discovery in music, the challenges, assurance and relationship.

Enjoy excerpts.
How did you discover your love for saxophone
My Love for Saxophone is Extraordinary. I had an early exposure to music, I grew up falling in Love with sweet sounds. With an early exposure, I began playing the drums as a Teen and later developed my interest on the Keyboard at age 10. I began to develop my musical skills and at that time, I was privileged to attend a musical concert where a saxophonist played and I got inspired with the sound and my spirit told me that the instrument would make me break boundaries and that I’d bless lives with my sound. Thankfully my Parents identified my interest and they encouraged me.
How would you describe your genre of music and sound?
My genre of Music is ‘CONTAF’ which means ‘contemporary African’.
How long have you been using the instrument?
I have been playing the instrument for six years now.
Are you strictly a saxophonist, or also a recording artiste?
I’m a Saxophonist and I am also a recording gospel artiste.
Did you get a formal training in music?
Of course, I studied Music Technology at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. So, I am a musicologist.
How did you convince your parent about your passion for saxophone?
Well, my dad and mum are into ministry, and for me to be playing instruments is an advantage. So, when they discovered the kind of talent that I had, they encouraged it, and helped me build my passion even spiritually.
Did they reject the idea at any point in time?
Hmm, yes. And this is because the instrument I play is a wind instrument. They taught the instrument is meant for the male gender. But, realizing my passion for the instrument, they got convinced.
Estee Sax
Can you recall your first ever major performance, and how you felt?
I was quite young when I had my first major performance. I was in my teen, it was at the first concert that I organized which is tagged ‘YAWDAW’, Altar of Worship. It was a powerful worship and praise program and I performed non-stop for 1hour 30minutes, and that was because I was the convener of the program. I was so shy because it’s my first time on stage but God helped me. This was in 2015.
You play an instrument that is mostly associated with males, do you get strange reactions from people who meet you playing it for the first time?
Ofcourse, yes. They are usually amazed.
Has your passion for music cost you anything ever?
Yes, I wanted to be an Accountant but my love and passion for Music made me deviate from that.
What challenges do you face as a saxophonist?
My major challenge is maintenance of the instrument and schedules for rehearsals.
Is there a health Challenge for people who play wind instrument?
No, not at all
Seeing you’re from a background in Christ Apostolic Church, and Saxophone is not exactly an instrument that CAC is known for, how does the church accept your sound and style?
Well, my music and talent is not denominational. However, I’d say with the help of the Holy spirit I was able to explore. Moreover, my undebatable professionalism changes the atmosphere spiritually when I perform in churches, crusades, conventions, concert and so forth.
Who are your role models?
Jerry Omole, Beejaysax, Mike Aremu, and Saxgold.
Do you do anything else apart from being a saxophonist?
Yes, I do. I am convener of a musical concept, an entrepreneur as well as an aspiring music producer. By musical concept, I mean, music school and gospel artist mentoring group.
What skill set does anyone need to have to be a saxophonist?
PASSION and clarity of PURPOSE.
Do you think Nigerians appreciate saxophonists?
Well, I would say saxophonist are not well appreciated in Nigeria. Unlike aboard where you see saxophonists doing exploits.
What does music mean to you?
Music to me refers to any sound that is pleasant and is agreeable to the ear. Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. So music is food for the soul. Music rejuvenates the soul, and fills it with energy and vitality.
Do you consider yourself gospel Artiste or you do all types of music?
I’m a gospel as well as Contemporary Music Artiste.
Which Artistes would you love to collaborate with?
Locally, I’d say Mike Aremu, Nathaniel Bassey. Which globally that would be Dave koz.
What are your plans for your brand and how do you intend to push your career to the next level?
My plan is to engage myself in enabling platforms like Instagram, YouTube etc. I am working on a project, which I will let out at the appropriate time, and I believe with the help of God, it would help push my career to the next level.
What do you think about the music industry in Nigeria?
Well music industry in Nigeria is growing to a bigger and better one. But still we need more creativity and inspirations because, that is what the world needs.
How would you describe Estee Sax?
I would describe Mulero Esther, Esteesax, as a prolific female saxophonist, musicoligst and a muti-instrumentalist. I will describe myself as a testimony of someone who stays in the place of service and has been consistent in and out of season. I feel blessed doing gospel music. I am based Lagos State, Nigeria. I studied music technology at The Polytechnic, Ibadan.
Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I am.
Is he also into music?
Yes, he is.
What are your biggest dreams ever?
To be a renowned gospel music producer home and globally. I see myself taking taking my music International, and gracing global stages. My dream is to put smiles on people’s faces with my music. My desire is to reach every part of the world proclaiming christ and blessing lives.
You can connect with Estee Sax through her social media handles. Instagram – estee_sax, facebook- Mulero Estee sax, email:
Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine

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    More grace, More Strength,and keep soaring???? . Sweetie????

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  6. Estee Sax is an amazing lady,. I love her zeal to the things of the spirit
    I’m always telling her her that I love her from within even before we became course mate…yeah she’s amazing.
    Keep shining dear, you are the best.

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