10 Romantic Names To Call Your Edo Girlfriend And She Will Love You Forever!

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Edo State was formed on August 27, 1991 when Bendel State was split into Edo and Delta States. Men of Edo descent are known to shower their women with great love and affection to the envy of their neighbors. And their women who are renowned to be both queenly and loyal lovers love to be praised.

Here are 10 romantic names to call an Edo lady, and you will get her weak in her knees, as she quake under your love.

1. Love. Arhuẹmwonmwan

2. Adore. Ekponmwen / Ọmwan ekponmwen

3. Bliss. Ọýunuan / Ọmwan Ọýunuan

4. Cherish. Yẹẹ / Ọmwan  n’emwin yẹẹ

5. Darling. Nonýaenmwen / Naenmwen

6. Blessing. Afiangbe

7. Peace/calmness Fumwengbe

8. Wife. Ọvbokhanmwen / Anmwen.

9. happiness Oghọghọ / Ọýenmwen.

10. Great. Ofure.

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