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Incredible Story of How Adenuga Saved Me From Jaws of Death – Paul Play Dairo

Incredible Story of How Adenuga Saved Me From Jaws of Death - Paul Play Dairo
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Incredible Story of How Adenuga Saved Me From Jaws of Death – Paul Play Dairo

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Paul Play Dairo: He’s my godfather; he’s my benefactor; he’s my mentor…he’s my everything. He took me a long time to be able to talk about the issue I had in 2009 in South Africa. In fact, I was at the point of death. I just went to shoot my video…the next thing I saw was that I was peeing blood…to the extent that when I got to the hospital, the doctor told me that I had only one week to survive…
Well, at that moment I started arranging myself, my finances…in the midst of that, while I was on my hospital bed, in the Intensive Care Unit…the Dr. (Adenuga) called me… I don’t know how he heard. He said in Yoruba, “Paul, kilon ṣe ẹ? (What’s the matter with you, Paul?) Well, I told him… I had a tumour on my kidney, and doctors say I’ve to take it out, or else the tumour would spread…and if it spreads, there is nothing else anybody can do… It was a terrible moment for me… in fact, when I was talking to him, I was crying…. He said, “ok…ma worry, everything will be okay”.
The next thing I know somebody came from their office in South Africa…he brought me…i don’t know if I can mention that kind of amount…in fact, all the bills that I was piling up to pay…it was like nonsense…like nothing! Otunba Mike Adenuga paid all the bills…in fact, after the surgery, he told his manager to call me: “I want to come to South Africa to see Paul…he must not leave South Africa now…”
Because I was already planning how to get back to work in Lagos… he called and said, “what are you coming to do in Lagos… don’t you want to recuperate?”
The Chairman had booked a suite for me in South Africa… in one of the best areas of South Africa. I stayed in that suite for a whole month… I don’t want to mention the amount of money that was paid for my stay there…
FAJ: I beg don’t…we don’t want to have nightmares after calculating (general laughter)
PPD: Baba has done a lot for me…if I begin to recount some of the things he has done for me, we won’t leave here today.
There was a time he told me to go to South Africa…I went…you know, a lot of musicians, when it comes to dealing with people of that level…you know, elites…they might say let me take advantage, because he’s a rich man…I want to do business with him. I didn’t mention any amount… I said “Oya!”… I went to South Africa without thinking about the cost…without thinking about agreement… I jumped into the plane. I was in South Africa for two weeks… then Baba sent a message to me… Paul has been in South Africa for two weeks, what is he doing? He has finished the work, and he’s still there… But I just want him to keep him there to see what’s going on…”. Baba sent $13,000 for me to go and buy peppermint…and ice cream! That’s how generous the man is… He’s a man with a heart of gold.

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