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NASS Leadership: ‘Northern Candidates Still In The Race’

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NASS Leadership: ‘Northern Candidates Still In The Race’

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Contrary to reports suggesting that candidates for the Senate presidency from the northern region have withdrawn from the race, the northern Senators are still bracing up for the contest.

Policy Advocacy and Integrity Network Nigeria, a political group, debunked media reports ruling out the northern Senator, saying it is completely fake, adding that the northern lawmakers have not dumped their ambitions.

In a statement signed by its executive director, Josh Mesele, the group said, “We are amazed and taken aback with the fake report in one of the tabloids belonging to one of the aspirants from the South shamelessly claiming that aspirants from the North have all stepped down from the race.

“This is a lie from the pit of hell. We can boldly say with all sense of responsibility that no single aspirant from the North has stepped down, rather they are very much in the race. The leading aspirant in the race, Distinguished Senator Barau I. Jibrin from the North West, for instance, has been up and doing with his campaign and gaining grounds daily all over the country.

“We urge all well-meaning Nigerians, especially senators-elect not to be deceived by this misleading report. The report has clearly shown that the aspirant in question is drowning in the race and desperately clawing to a non-existent straw,” Mesele said.

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