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APC group Calls for Sack, Resignation of CJN, Ariwoola over Supreme Court Judgment

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APC group Calls for Sack, Resignation of CJN, Ariwoola over Supreme Court Judgment

A pro-All Progressives Congress (APC) group on the ages of Progressive Minds Forum (PMF), on Friday, called for the resignation, suspension, or sack of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Kayode Ariwoola, over alleged compromised judgments that recently emanated from the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

The group lamented that the award of Senatorial tickets to Senate President Ahmad Lawan and Senator Godswill Akpabio by the apex court was a great embarrassment to Nigeria because they did not partake in the primary election of the All Progressives Congress won by the original holders of the tickets.

The Forum also insisted that the Supreme Court’s ruling to extend the use of old Naira notes was not done in the interest of Nigerians but to please and aid certain political forces from the South-west who have been clamoring for the extension because the CJN is from the South-west.

In a statement signed by the Forum’s national coordinator, Barrister Preye Johnson said that the comportment of the CJN since assumption of office does not befit a man who occupies such an exalted position and is saddled with the responsibility of determining the destiny of litigants that come before the Supreme Court.

The statement said: “The Supreme Court is the last hope of the common man, but under Justice Ariwoola, justice is now for the highest bidder.

“The whole world would want to know how failed presidential aspirants like Akpabio and Lawan were awarded Senatorial tickets by the Supreme Court when they never participated in the primary election for those positions in their Senatorial Districts.

“This is a man who recently attended a state dinner in Port Harcourt and apparently after much champagne that is common in such high-level political gatherings, made political statements that were unbecoming of his position as the number one jurist in the country.

“Besides only the CJN and Supreme Court Justices can tell if the recent ruling unbanning the use of old Naira notes was done in the overall interest of Nigerians or to enable the APC access enough cash to buy votes in the forthcoming elections.

“Even the Minister or Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, has kicked against the judgment and filed an appeal against it.

“The position of the AGF shows that the ruling lacks merit as it was motivated by partisan motives and tribal sentiments which may likely plunge Nigeria into crisis if not immediately curbed.

“Needless to say that such highly compromised and spurious judgments now emanating from the apex court, under Justice Ariwoola, represent a huge embarrassment to Nigeria both at home and abroad.

“They have also cast a pall of doubt over judgments on disputes that may emanate from the forthcoming general elections.

“Therefore, the need for Justice Ariwoola to either resign his position or be sacked to checkmate the gross danger the Supreme Court now poses to democracy and rule of law in Nigeria.

“It is clear that the Supreme Court under Justice Ariwoola’s watch lacks integrity therefore he has no basis to continue as CJN especially given the forthcoming general election.

The CJN must be seen to be above board and also must be blind to all parties in the dispensation of justice to display extreme neutrality for justice and fairness. However, this is not what we are seeing presently.

“Since the Apex Court has proved its unwillingness to save democracy, Buhari must rise to the task of saving democracy by ordering the suspension and investigation of the CJN and the other Supreme Court Justices involved in the above-referenced cases.”

The APC members also called on the international community to place a visa ban on the CJN and the Justices involved in the cases for working to undermine democracy in Nigeria.

They insisted that the judgments have set a bad precedent and gravely breached the provisions of Section 115(D) of the Electoral Act 2022, especially in the case of Lawan and Akpabio.

“The whole world is still waiting to know how the Supreme Court came about its ruling making Ahmad Lawan and Godwill Akpabio candidates when it is clear they were both presidential aspirants under the APC.

“The Electoral Act 2022 is very clear that an aspirant cannot contest for two different positions in one election cycle.

“Section 115 (D) of the Act stipulates that a person who signs a nomination paper or result form as a candidate in more than one constituency at the same election commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a maximum term of imprisonment for two years.’

“We appeal to the international community to help save democracy in Nigeria by ensuring that the CJN and all justices involved in the recent ruling on Lawan and Akpabio are placed on visa ban,” he said.

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