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APC Presidential Aspirant, Oil Mogul Jack-Rich Celebrates Wife, Dr. Elizabeth @30: A Celebration of Love and Unity

APC Presidential Aspirant, Oil Mogul Jack-Rich Celebrates Wife, Dr. Elizabeth @30: A Celebration of Love and Unity
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APC Presidential Aspirant, Oil Mogul Jack-Rich Celebrates Wife, Dr. Elizabeth @30: A Celebration of Love and Unity

It was a day filled with joy, admiration, and heartfelt celebration as Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich, an exceptional woman of both beauty and intellect, reached a remarkable milestone on Thursday, May 18. Prominent Nigerians, including her loving husband, Tein Jack-Rich, joined in commemorating her 30th birthday, recognizing her remarkable achievements and unwavering spirit.

In a special birthday message, Jack-Rich, a presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) leading to the 2023 election, expressed his deep appreciation for his wife’s virtues and announced that her birthday would be an extraordinary occasion dedicated to promoting unity and peace. The grand celebration was scheduled to take place in Lagos on Tuesday, May 23, and would serve as a harmonious gathering for leaders and individuals from all walks of life, united in love and camaraderie.

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Speaking with great honor and privilege, Jack-Rich emphasized the significance of this occasion, which provided him with a platform to engage Nigerians both at home and abroad. He expressed his desire for a new dawn, a transformative era that would uplift the nation and bring about positive change. “Your service to humanity shall fetch the needed cohesion for a rebirth, and to achieve public good,” he proudly declared, recognizing his wife’s role as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

True to his selfless nature and deep love for humanity and his country, Jack-Rich envisioned his wife’s birthday celebration as a powerful catalyst for unity and love. He believed that through this event, a sense of togetherness would permeate the hearts of all participants. “As your birthday throws the smiles of a new beginning needed for a prosperous and more sustainable future, under cutting-edge visionary leadership, participants shall leave fulfilled,” he passionately stated. He held an unwavering belief that this celebration would instill hope for a peaceful society, ignite renewed aspirations for the less fortunate, and provide essential support for the advancement of society as a whole.

Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich, born to Nigerian parents of Jewish heritage from Owoh, Ondo State, has made an indelible mark as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and business mogul. As the Chief Executive Officer of Elin Group Limited and the Rich Aid Foundation (EJRAF), she has dedicated her life to empowering youths and women, eradicating poverty, and championing education, health, and financial inclusion. Additionally, she actively works to prevent child and drug abuse in underserved communities throughout Nigeria. Her vision to uplift humanity beautifully aligns with her husband’s unyielding passion to improve the lives of those striving for a better tomorrow.

Amidst the heartfelt tributes and celebratory atmosphere, it was abundantly clear that the love between Tein and Elizabeth Jack-Rich extended far beyond the confines of their personal relationship. Their joint commitment to building a harmonious and prosperous Nigeria was palpable, inspiring all those in attendance to embrace unity, love, and the pursuit of a brighter future.

As the sun sets on this joyous celebration, the echoes of love, unity, and empowerment resonate deeply within the hearts of Nigerians. Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich’s 30th birthday has become a symbol of hope, a testament to the power of love and unity, and a catalyst for change in the pursuit of a better nation for all.

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