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Aralola Olamuyiwa, “Ara Queen of Drums,” Officially Recognized as Nigeria’s First Female Talking Drummer

Aralola Olamuyiwa, "Ara Queen of Drums," Officially Recognized as Nigeria's First Female Talking Drummer
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In a historic moment that will be etched in the annals of Nigerian music and culture, Aralola Olamuyiwa, renowned as “Ara Queen of Drums,” has been officially recognized as Nigeria’s first female talking drummer. This achievement serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for the art of drumming, which she has embraced for over three decades.

Aralola Olamuyiwa’s journey with the talking drum began more than 30 years ago, when she first picked up this iconic instrument. Little did she know that this initial encounter with the drum would reshape the course of history and inspire countless others to follow in her footsteps. Today, her legacy shines brightly as over 1000 female talking drummers have emerged across Nigeria, all of whom have been inspired by her remarkable journey.

Expressing her heartfelt gratitude for this groundbreaking recognition, Ara Queen of Drums extended her appreciation to everyone who played a pivotal role in making this achievement possible. She particularly highlighted the invaluable support and recommendation provided by her fellow inductee and dear friend, Dr. Raphael James, emphasizing that words alone could not express her gratitude.

Aralola Olamuyiwa also took a moment to acknowledge the significant contribution of Prof. David David, the Director-General of the Nigerian Book of Records, who played a vital role in this historic recognition. She extended her heartfelt thanks to him for his unwavering support.

Addressing her fellow Nigerians, Ara Queen of Drums humbly acknowledged the vital role the people of Nigeria played in her journey. She stated, “Who am I without you?” underscoring the importance of the collective support and love from her fellow countrymen and women.

In a touching tribute, Aralola Olamuyiwa paid homage to Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin, another inductee who remains an enduring source of inspiration for her.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, a gathering of some of Ara Queen of Drums’ female talking drummers joined her at the induction ceremony held at the Nigerian Book of Records. Their presence underscored the sense of unity and support that defines the vibrant community of female talking drummers she has inspired throughout her illustrious career.

As Aralola Olamuyiwa embarks on this historic journey as Nigeria’s first officially recognized female talking drummer, her story promises to be an inspiration for generations to come. Though she alluded to having a story to tell, she concluded by saying, “Not today,” leaving her admirers eagerly anticipating the chapters yet to unfold in her remarkable journey.

The entire nation congratulates Aralola Olamuyiwa, the Ara Queen of Drums, on this historic achievement, and the world eagerly awaits the captivating tales of rhythm and culture she is bound to share in the days to come. In her own words, “To God be the glory!”

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