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Optiva Capital Partners Sets Standard for Customer Service Week with ‘OptivaPlus’

Optiva Capital Partners Sets Standard for Customer Service Week with 'OptivaPlus'
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In the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, the nexus of investment and immigration, stands the formidable institution known as Optiva Capital Partners, Africa’s leading Investment Immigration firm. As the world commemorates 2023 Customer Service Week, themed ‘Team Service,’ Optiva isn’t just participating; they are at the forefront.

The company is showcasing its unwavering commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service with their groundbreaking offering called OptivaPlus. This is not just a service; it’s a pledge—a pledge to not only acknowledge but also reward the steadfast trust and loyalty of Optiva’s esteemed clientele. This isn’t merely a celebration of a week; it’s a transformation in client services. It’s a celebration of a relationship nurtured over the years.

OptivaPlus represents an exclusive, meticulously tailored suite of complimentary benefits crafted to address the distinct needs of Optiva’s high-net-worth clients. From effortless visa applications and seamless foreign passport renewals to streamlining school admissions and study visas, OptivaPlus guarantees that every journey, whether for business or education, is seamless and stress-free. And the best part? All these premium services come at no additional cost. At Optiva, value isn’t just a monetary concept; it’s about enhancing experiences.

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Mr. Franklin Nechi, the visionary Chairman of Optiva Capital Partners, eloquently states, “Our clients are the bedrock of our success. OptivaPlus is our way of expressing our gratitude. It’s not about seeking more; it’s about giving more. Imagine a world where visa applications, foreign passport renewals, and even school admissions, complete with study permits, are not only efficiently facilitated but fully taken care of without any extra charges.

That’s the ‘OptivaPlus’ commitment. It’s our way of saying, ‘You’re not just a client; you’re family.’ We’re redefining the essence of value, ensuring that our relationship with our clients is not transactional but transformational, and with OptivaPlus, we’re setting new standards.”

In harmony with this sentiment, the dynamic CEO, Ms. Jane Kimemia, delves into the ethos of Optiva, “Our core values aren’t mere words; they are our guiding principles. Service isn’t just a core value; it’s ingrained in our DNA and is the essence of everything we do. We are in the business of building relationships, not just transactions, and every client is a testament to our commitment.

With OptivaPlus, we’re not merely offering services; we are offering peace of mind. Our philosophy, ‘Protect, Grow, Enhance, and Optimize Your Wealth,’ encapsulates our unyielding pursuit of excellence. Through OptivaPlus, we are elevating this commitment to new heights.”

The journey with Optiva doesn’t conclude with a transaction; it’s merely the beginning. As Mr. Nechi aptly states, “Our clients approach us with dreams—dreams of second passports, global residence, and wealth optimization. We turn those dreams into reality. And then, we go a step further with OptivaPlus, ensuring that our bond only strengthens with time.”

Why Optiva? Because they don’t merely value their customers; they cherish them. Thousands of families have already experienced the Optiva difference, and with the introduction of OptivaPlus, this journey of mutual growth and appreciation is poised to reach unprecedented heights.

The Optiva Advantage:

Exclusive EXTRA Services at No EXTRA Cost
A Dedicated Team that Puts You First
A Legacy of Trust and Excellence
About Optiva Capital Partners Ltd:

For over a decade, Optiva Capital Partners Limited has been a beacon in the Investment Immigration landscape, embodying excellence and dedication. With a global network of elite partners specializing in Investment Immigration, advisory, and insurance services, Optiva has been the guiding star for thousands of families, illuminating their path to success and prosperity. Join the Optiva family and discover a world where service meets excellence.

We invite you to explore the Future of Investment Services with “OptivaPlus.”
Give Optiva a call today and embark on a journey to experience the future of exceptional client service.

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