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Sim Fubara Best Positioned for Rivers State Top Job Says Semenitari

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Sim Fubara Best Positioned for Rivers State Top Job Says Semenitari

To sustain the dividends of democracy, as is currently being enjoyed by citizens of Rivers State, under the leadership of Barr. Iyesom Wike, the best man that has been touted to advance those legacies through
Investment in infrastructure to underpin a stronger economy, improved security and capacity development is Siminalayi Fubara, Governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, in the March 11 gubernatorial elections in the state.

Sim Fubara Best Positioned for Rivers State Top Job Says Semenitari
Sim Fubara Best Positioned for Rivers State Top Job Says Semenitari

Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, Director of New Media, PDP Campaign Council for Rivers State Governorship Elections said this in a statement made available to the press in Abuja.

According to Semenitari, Sim Fubara has a proven track record of public service, having served meritoriously nearing two decades and rising to serve as the Accountant General of Rivers State.

He has a clear understanding of the issues facing Rivers State and a vision to create an even better future for its people. He has the experience and the dedication to ensure that the dividends of democracy are sustained and improved upon.

He is committed to creating a more prosperous future for the people of Rivers State and achieving the goals of inclusive development and greater economic opportunities.

A public servant per excellence. His disposition and promotion of peace and stability are unparalleled. He is a fervent advocate of human capital development.

A professional to the core with an unwavering commitment to economic development that is driven by innovativeness and intellectual capacity.

Fubara’s mission to revolutionize Rivers State is clear – to empower the youth, provide economic opportunities for women, and create a secure and prosperous future.

He plans to achieve this by investing in energy solutions to tackle electricity issues, installing CCTV cameras and drones to combat insecurity, reforming the public sector through industrialization, creating more jobs, and improving social infrastructure and healthcare.

By implementing these measures, Fubara hopes to transform Rivers State into a modern, vibrant, and secure environment that enables its citizens to thrive.

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Sim Fubara’s aspiration to form a cabinet that comprises a sizeable number of youth and women truly reflects his belief in the untapped potentials of these groups and their capacity to promote inclusiveness and accord for a more efficient state.

His impeccable character, transparency, and discipline are remarkable, and having gone through the EFCC’s scrutiny of allegations of financial impropriety unscathed, he is truly integrity-personified.

His indication of interest to pilot the affairs of Rivers people for the next four (4) years is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Answering a call to serve, Sim Fubara stands tall, radiating an irresistible urge to turn the fortunes of Rivers State around. His candidacy carries with it a promise of new beginnings, an assurance that difficult days are behind and brighter ones are on the way.

A passionate technocrat, he stands unswervingly ready to bridge the gap between the old and the new, to bring Rivers State into the 21st century.

A beacon of light, Sim Fubara is determined to take Rivers State from its dreary days of stagnation and lack of development, to become a shining example of a modern, progressive society.

He stands poised to bring about a new era of prosperity and progress, to foster an environment where Rivers people can take pride in their state and look forward to a future of abundance and success.

Very few of his contemporaries in the contest for the numero uno position in Rivers have the capacity of matching his resume of political experience and deliverables.

Since his foray into Rivers politics and working at very close range with Barr Iyesom Wike who is equally a strong PDP chieftain not only in the South-South region but the entire country, his ascendancy for the top position of the State should naturally not encounter any intense tussle. The reason is that PDP has been the State’s dominant party since the country’s return to democracy in 1999.

In terms of roads and other laudable infrastructural projects, Gov Wike (aka Mr. Project) has consistently inaugurated and commissioned a whole lot even in the least expected rural areas of the state to improve the standard of living of the Rivers people.

Fortunately, the government’s implementation of its side of the social contract with the Rivers people is on the verge of accomplishing an additional purpose — a form of payback — in appreciation for a job well done by him.

And since people still believe that governance is a continuum, Wike’s preferred candidate, Siminialayi Fubaba is well-positioned to benefit from that magnanimity. Mass of votes on the 11th of March, 2023!

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