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Toba Oloyede And His Breathtaking Profile, Why Many Kwarans And Non-Kwarans Can’t Stop Talking About Him

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Born in 1984, Toba Oloyede hails from Kwara-South in Kwara State. His father is an industrious farmer from Ijagbo, while he boasts of an educationist mother from Iji-Isin, this young man has proven himself across board in a variance of endeavours at home, here in Nigeria and abroad. Armed with relevant and proven academic certifications, hands-on skills and a passion for excellence, Toba is positioned to serve his immediate constituency, Kwara-South in Kwara State and Nigeria as a whole by contesting for a seat in the House of Representatives, otherwise known as the Green Chamber.

Toba, a member of the Kwarans in Diaspora Association and Igbomina members forum, is a successful professional with a dazzling wealth of transferable skills, which include excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills and the all-important “Self-Control.” Three core requirements of service and leadership.

Graduating with excellent results from Iludun-Oro Comprehensive High School in 2001, he went ahead to study Computer Science at Lagos State University (LASU). He advanced by obtaining a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the City and Guilds of London.

In 2006, his interest in human physiology got a boost when he got admission to study medicine at Ryazan I.P. Pavlov Medical University in Russia. There, he did his pre-clinical and also served as President of the Nigerian Students Association in the state. Transferring to Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts and Nevis, North America, he completed his clinical medical education and graduated as a Medical Doctor.

Returning to Nigeria, Toba floated a company named Seramos Nigeria Limited, with a portfolio covering Health Management, Agriculture and Education. In line with his inbred passion to serve and impact lives positively, Seramos Nigeria Limited has seen many children from the grassroots through school via credible sponsorship programs that have produced quite a number of tertiary institutions graduates today.

A liberal activist and democrat, Toba has been active on the political scene since 2011 and has found himself playing his role in the different aspects of political and social campaigns in Kwara State. In all these years, his commitment to “fairness and equity” has never been in doubt.

Toba’s experience lies not in Health Care and Electrical and Electronics Engineering alone but also in financial services, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Retail business in America. In this variance of industries, he held managerial and leadership positions. A member of the Pan African IT forum in America that trains people of African offspring in different areas of Information Technology to empower them to fulfill their ‘American dreams’, Toba has always “walked the talk.” This is very much in line with his personal belief system called the ONION RING that says “man must be empowered to survive the new world and empower others to empower others endlessly.”

Dr. Toba Oloyede is young, vibrant, energetic and passionate about the people of Kwara South, such that his love for them never ceases to amaze anyone who comes in contact with him. His knowledge of the potentials and resources of Kwara South is unshakable. According to him, “Kwara-South is super blessed with human and natural resources that are much more than enough to grow the zone to become the best in Kwara State.” He argues passionately that if things are done right, Kwara-South will not rely solely on the State government for survival. He says “provision of basic amenities has been paid lip-service for far too long, in the zone and this must stop. It is not a luxury to have non-stop access to good drinking water, electricity and standard education for our children…it is called “basic” because it is basic…it should be automatic.”

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A staunch believer in the power of public-private partnership and the creation of a conducive environment for local and foreign Investors, this he believes will create sustainable employment not just for residents of Kwara-South, but for Kwara State as a whole.

This erudite grassroots politician and lover of children believes “we all count equally in community development processes and we can only move forward in togetherness irrespective of religion and tribe. We have one thing in common and that is Kwara-South and Kwara State. Good governance must be ensured by everyone of us. Once again…sincere togetherness will move us forward and solidly.”

Dr. Toba Oloyede.
-Date of Birth – July 21, 1984.

Windsor University – Doctor of Medicine.
-CDPSE – Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer.
-CRISC – Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls.
-CISM – Certified Information Security Manager
-CISA – Certified Information Security Auditor.
-City and Guilds of London – Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
-National Institute of Technology – Database Administrator.
-Windsor University School of Medicine MD.
-Lagos State University – Bsc Computer Science.
-Iludun Oro Comprehensive High School – WASSCE.

-Oro Nursery and Primary school – FSLC

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