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‘You Were Abused Growing Up’ – Bovi Floors Those Who Attacked Him For ‘Poor Parenting’ Skills

You Were Abused Growing Up’ – Bovi Floors Those Who Attacked Him For ‘Poor Parenting’ Skills
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Nigerian comedian cum actor, Bovi Ugboma, has slammed social media critics who attacked him for poor parenting skills.
Applesbite reports that a few days ago, Bovi shared a video of himself telling his 8-year-old daughter to join his brother in the kitchen, so she could learn how to cook.

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The little girl responded to him by saying, she was not ready for his drama and also cautioned him over a statement to her mother (Bovi’s wife).

This earned Bovi backlashes online with some netizens claiming his daughter is rude and he is carefree about it.

Why You’re Triggered

Displeased with some of the comments from netizens, Bovi said the video was merely a cruise between him and his children.

The comedian made reference to different parenting skills and raising children, especially when speaking confidently amounts to being rude.

The father of three noted that critics are triggered because they were abused while growing up and they are mistaken being outspoken for being rude.

He wrote: “How times have changed. UPDATE- I have read all the comments and I’m convinced people see what they want to see. To those who found it lighthearted, you can tell there’s emotional equilibrium in their lives. They could see that speaking freely doesn’t necessarily mean indiscipline. And we were basically on cruise. As for those who were alarmed, check well, we were raised to think confident use of words amounts to being rude.”

“That’s why in some places, a younger person asking an older person “how are you” or “how nau” is regarded as being rude. Cheer up. You’re triggered because you were abused growing up and you have mistaken being outspoken for being rude. That’s not to say kids can’t be rude. But in this scenario, she wasn’t being rude. Cheer up!”

Image courtesy of Akinshola Lucky Akintelure - ApplesBite International Magazine
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