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8 Apps To Help You Become More Productive Everyday

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Everyday activities sometimes get too fussy, that it becomes too daunting to stay productive through the 24 hours of each day. However, with these apps I’m recommending for you, your everyday productivity is about to get better. As a content creator, student and blogger, sometimes it's difficult to keep up with all the many activities that you have mapped out and trying to handle. It can get so bad that at the end of a very busy week, you feel like you haven't accomplished anything. Usually, Mondays are great for starting afresh but what happens when the day ends and you can't account for where the time went and what you could have possibly accomplished. So far, these are my favourite apps for productivity that you probably didn't know about. If you are a workaholic, a budget junkie, a productivity person and live in Nigeria, these apps are perfect for you.

Productivity App #1 Grammarly>

The first app that you need is a tool called Grammarly. This app helps to correct grammatical errors on the go from texting to long blog posts like this. Never ever get caught sending error-ladened proposals to your boss or your client or even your crush. What's more? You can even include a plug-in on your browser and use it on your laptop any day. any time. I introduced this app to my former boss and she loves it. Try it today and thank me later!

Productivity App #2: Forest

The next App you should be using in this time and age when social media is an intense distraction is the Forest App. Every you go, something must pop up on your phone, a notification from Facebook and even a new connection from a stranger on LinkedIn. Even if you are not the social media type, the possibility of you picking your phone when you have a task to do is 90%. A call from your long lost relative might come in, name it. The forest App allows you to set a timer on your phone when you are doing an assigned task. During this time, you cannot use your phone for any other activity. I call it a phone blocker.

Productivity App #3: Blinkist

There are a lot of people who want to read books especially those ones that talk about the history of people and cannot just bring themselves to spend that extra money or even time to read through those hard textbooks. Trust me, I know it's annoying. The Blinkist App allows you to listen to the entire summary of a book in 10 to 14 points or blinks as they are called. Read more whilst on the go and get more productive.

Productivity App #4: Evernote

This app is a total lifesaver. It helps you to keep all your notes organized in one place. You can even create folders for every meeting and it makes for an easy search for all your important meetings. I use it as a journal, church notes and lots more. It can also serve as an Ideas collection portfolio. What's more? You can link it across different devices. Don't sleep on this app at all.

Productivity App #5: Toggl

I recently came in contact with this app. What it basically does is help you focus on one task at a time. Do you know that thing of not knowing where you are spending all your time? This App helps you to time-track. All you need to do is type in the activity you are currently embarking on and let it runs its course till you are done. After a week or two, you can check your analytics and confirm if you spend more time watching TV, on the internet or even making a phone call.

Productivity App #6: Mobillis

This app is for my budget junkies. You need to know where your money is adding more value and how often it comes in. The Mobillis App is a financial tracking app. It enables you to take stock of all the expenses and income that is available to you. Not everyone is able to account for the lowest naira denomination and this app can help you solve that. It also has a budget creation set up that can warn you if you are going over an initial budget you had planned.

Productivity App #7: Datally

Not enough data is something I have struggled with on the go and this app monitor what apps in your mobile phone is draining your data. With the current COVID-19 imbued economical problems we have in the country, data has become expensive and so we must manage the Gigabytes we have. The service providers are busy smiling to the bank with our money whilst providing shoddy network strength. Let's save our data. Use Datally and thank me later.

Productivity App #8: Todoist

Todoist allows you to list out all the activities you want to do and set reminders for them. This app is a monitoring spirit. It doesn't stop reminding you about a task until you click done. So you better be on your toes with those projects. I have mentioned a list of productivity and tracking apps that I use to take my productivity to the next level. And, I hope that you found it helpful as always. Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out my channel for the full video where I share the tips. Next Read: Widows, Widowers Must be Open to Finding Love Again – Bishop Isaac Idahosa
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