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Adron Homes and Properties Rewards Media Partners with Car Gift, Other Prizes. Announces Media Estate Scheme

Adron Homes and Properties Rewards Media Partners with Car Gifts and Unveils Media Estate Program
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Adron Homes and Properties has strategically emphasized the crucial connection between corporate brands and media partnerships, reshaping collaboration by acknowledging and rewarding the core role played by media partners. This transformative approach highlights the profound benefits of such an alliance, as demonstrated by Adron Homes’ recent presentation of luxury car gifts to distinguished media practitioners. Additionally, the company unveiled an innovative Media Estate program, further solidifying its commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the media industry.

The recipients, carefully chosen from a pool of over 100 esteemed online media practitioners, were lauded for their exceptional contributions to promoting the Adron brand. Aare Adetola Emmanuel King, Chairman of Adron Homes, presided over the grand presentation ceremony, emphasizing the significance of media practitioners in Nigeria and expressing the company’s commitment to transforming their status.

Aare Adetola Emmanuel King elucidated the stringent criteria employed in the selection process, including the strength of websites, publication frequency, social media engagement, overall performance, and dedication to championing the Adron brand.

Motivated by a desire to elevate media practitioners in Nigeria, Aare Adetola Emmanuel King announced the company’s vision to turn every journalist on its list into a car owner, citing the recent rewards as a tangible step towards realizing this goal.

Among the elated beneficiaries was Michael Costa, publisher of, who received an iPhone. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he expressed, “I am short of words. I didn’t expect to get this gift, but I am grateful to Adron Homes for rewarding my efforts.”

Damilare, the publisher of Lagos Post Online, received a MacBook laptop and, akin to Michael Jackson, found himself momentarily speechless. “This is a surprise to me because I never expected it. I want to appreciate Adron Homes and pray that God increases the company,” he remarked.

The grand prize winner, Wole Adepoju, a veteran journalist and publisher of, was awarded the brand new Toyota Camry. His joy knew no bounds as colleagues celebrated his unexpected win. Adepoju shared, “I have believed in God for a vehicle for some time now, and I had forgotten about it this year because of the price of things. I dropped the plans to buy a car already, but I didn’t know God was going to surprise me this way.”

In an unprecedented move, Aare Adetola Emmanuel King unveiled a scheme enabling journalists to become landowners, affording them financial benefits for client referrals to Adron Homes. Each journalist present at the event received a generous package comprising a 50kg bag of rice, two chickens, and groundnut oil.

The crowning moment of the event came with the announcement by the Group Managing Director of Adron Homes, revealing the launch of Media Partners Estate. This visionary scheme aims to make a landlord of every media partner by offering them the opportunity to purchase land at 50% of the actual cost, with payments spread over 24 months. The initiative aligns seamlessly with Adron Homes’ overarching vision to make a landlord of every Nigerian, marking a significant milestone in the realms of media collaboration and real estate empowerment.

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