‘From Nobody To Somebody’ Actress Luchy Donalds Dazzles As She Clocks ‘Age 31’ in Style

Actress Luchy Donalds
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Nollywood actress Luchy Donalds has shared jaw-dropping photos as she celebrates her 31st birthday most beautifully.

In the photos, shared on her Instagram page, Luchy Donalds is seen stunning in a gold and white dress and beautiful make-up.

Looking back at how her life has transformed for the better and increase on every side, Luchy Donalds expressed appreciation to God.

She wrote: “HAPPY BIGGEST BIRTHDAY TO ME! God where and how do I start thanking you, From a nobody to somebody, From grass to GRACE, You turned on mighty lights upon my life”

“You keep increasing me on every side of my life, You have been giving me strong health and life, You keep protecting me every second of my life”

“If my whole body is full of mouth, it won’t still be enough to thank you, I am grateful Lord, Happy happy birthday to me”

In a subsequent post, Luchy Donalds said her previous age was good but her new age will be better and greater.

She wrote: I welcome myself into a new age and year of ABUNDANCE. The previous age was so good. But this new age shall be super, better, greater, in the most powerful mighty name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN

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Image courtesy of Akinshola Lucky Akintelure - ApplesBite International Magazine
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