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Today I will like to introduce you to a musician not known by many as a musician but certainly known as a writer, director, an actor, and filmmaker. He is none other than Khoemizona Babalola.
Khoemizona started his music as early as three years old and set up his first band at age nine and as he grew older he suspended the band to discover himself.

Today, Khoemizona has a new song titled Sisi Monika making rounds in the airwaves. Uyisblog sat down to have a chat with this great personality.

Popularly known as Khoemizona, he is one of the most interesting people you would meet in person. A beautiful songwriter, with a kind and jovial side to him which makes him endearing to all who have met him. Below is an excerpt from our chat.

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Khoemizona Babalola

You are known as Khoemizona, can you tell us your full name?

My name is Khoemizona Babalola.

Please kindly give us a brief of yourself and your music career

Khoemizona is a Film Maker, director, and writer who started his art/entertainment journey as singer cum musician; a part some of his followers don’t know about him. I started music at a tender age with drums bought for me by my mum at the age of three but I started my first band at nine. I guess the inspiration to do more spurred from the encouragement I got from people and it kept growing till the kids’ band metamorphosed into an owambe band which I stopped some years ago in the quest of wanting to know myself more musically.

Give us and your fans/ followers, a brief of what inspired you to music.

I met music at home somehow, my music started with my mother of blessed memory. She loved singing and music was evident in the lineage. So it was unconsciously until it became a conscious trade. So one wouldn’t be wrong to say I was born with music in my blood.

What genre would you classify your music?

Well, I called it “abula”, because I do any genre I’m inspired to create. Though Sisi Monika is an experiment with other genres too like afrobeat, woror, ariaria, jazz, and even RnB but no music is made by me without local flavor.

What inspired this particular music album?

I may not be able to say how it came in particular but I remember it started with humming some musical notes and I was saying Sisi Monika consistently. When it didn’t stop after three days I decided to write the note down and eventually it turned a classic piece. I can’t but mention that some real-life happenings were woven into the eventual composition.

Do you have any upcoming events?

We are working on having an album concert with a full band though the COVID-19 break is making us change plans. But eventually, there will be a concert by the band and some talented singers and musicians will be part of it.

Where can the music be downloaded?

Sisi Monika is available for download on audiomack and SoundCloud for now.

Well there you have it. I must say I am one of the first people to have a listen to the Song Sisi Monika and I can say authoritatively if you love high life mixed with genuine lyrics of what happens in our society you will certainly love this song produced by Sekere Aje record. It is a relatable song.

To download the song visit SoundCloud and audiomack and download your copy now!

Happy listening.

Images courtesy of KHOEMIZONA BABALOLA and Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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