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NASS Toyota SUV Purchase Is At The Expense Of Failure To Meet Citizens Needs- Says Oby Ezekwesili

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A former Nigerian Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, on Tuesday, lambasted the leadership of the National Assembly for its procurement of over 400 new cars for members, describing such purchase to be at “the expense of meeting the basic needs of their citizens and driven on dangerous roads to impress their hungry citizens.”

She took to her Twitter page to note that the growing number of families now financially distressed and lacking capacity to meet basic needs of food, school fees, health care and shelter in the nation is heart wrenching.

In her words: “On a normal day now, as a Pastor’s family, we’re seeing acceleration of the number of distress calls from people far and wide who are desperate for assistance. It gets worse that the previously okay families are also now financially distressed.

“Between my husband-Pastor Chinedu – and I, we now constantly heave sighs of pain when we have exhausted our monthly capacity to help others. It is really getting to us.

“And we are not alone. Many people are experiencing this pain also, of having too many people they cannot help no matter how hard they want to.

“The best help citizens can get is a Government that works on critical reforms that ignite Economic Growth, because retail support are mere stop gaps in the order of social safety nets.

“Should that not be what keeps these so-called “political leaders” awake?

“No, their biggest concern is to be seen in a New Toyota SUV bought at the expense of meeting the basic needs of their citizens and driven on dangerous roads to impress their hungry citizens.

“I have a message from the Lord for you this morning:

“Since you are all hard of hearing, someday soon, you’ll definitely learn the hard way.

“On that day, you’ll learn how the wrath of God and the rage of the poor work together against foolish “leaders”.

Image courtesy of Madukwe Nwabuisi - ApplesBite International Magazine
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