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NNPP Lagos charge governor Babaajide Sanwo-olu to hasten in fixing the popular CARTA Bridge.

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The Publicity Secretary of the NEW NIGERIAN PEOPLE’S PARTY, Hon. RICHARD BENSON ECHIGBUE said that With the recent fire out burst at the Apongbon axis of the Lagos Island that affected the popular Carter bridge it has become a thong in the flesh for commuters as the road and the bridge has formed a barricade for a lot of people that want to navigate through agbongnpn to Victoria Island and its environ. The spokes man said the State government is showing a Non-challant attitude towards the repairing of the bridge despite the enormous Taxation levied on the people of the state.

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The publicity Secretary, however said that a responsive Government should arise at all point to the meet up crucial and the pressing state issues such as the Carter bridge because it is the major rout that links up the Mainland to the Lagos Island and the government has not shown any interest in fixing the roads after all they control both the state and the federal so he said they should not be any excuse for lack of good governance afterall the minister of Works resides in the state. . He went further saying that Lagosians both Indigenes band non indigenes 5should wake up and vote well this time.

Furthermore, the spokesman charged the people to SAY NO to any government that has not performed to expectation and as such, such party should not be voted for in the next election. APC led government in Lagos has not performed up to expected therefore come 2023 a new party should be voted into power

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