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Saraki, EFCC and the Media by Olawale Olaleye

Bukola Saraki
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In one of my posts last week, I addressed the penchant by some media organizations to color events, stereotype characters and or misrepresent facts, often through their choice of language.

The undiscerning could think it’s a function of their limitation in language use. But that’s not always the case. They know exactly what they’re doing in many instances.

A relevant and topical example I cited was the report on the downing of a fighter jet by terrorists and practically all known news sources described the criminals as bandits.

Bandits downed an Alpha jet? That’s not accurate. They were terrorists. No more, no less.

Even if they were bandits before, the moment they had both the means and resolve to down a fighter jet, then, they cease to be one. They have graduated to being terrorists. Period.

The same thing happened yesterday, when the news about a former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki and the EFCC first broke.

How a man, who left an event and drove himself to honour an invitation by the EFCC became an arrested fellow still beats the understanding of common sense.

Even worse was when the commission’s spokesperson confirmed the report and reportedly alleged that, “Saraki is in our custody”.

Isn’t there a difference between being in their office and in custody? You can’t but miss Femi Babafemi. He was on top of his job at EFCC.

Honestly, this is the problem when the media start to pander to political or institutional manipulation. Yet, if people begin to accuse the media of being one of the problems of the society, we are quick to take offence.

The slanting of the Saraki story yesterday by many media outfits was poor, unprofessional and embarrassing. It is painful when people know the truth but choose to stand it on its head.

For me, I believe the joke is on those who sold the misleading narrative and their allies who bought into it.

But if this new EFCC leadership also thinks “naming and shaming” people is the way to go, it should also recall how those who relished in that mode of operation left office.

Karma always serves its food cold. It doesn’t have a microwave.

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