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“The Current Onslaught By Tompolo Led Offensive Against The Navy & JTF Conspiracy In The Oil Theft In Nigeria” – Edafe Akpofore

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In a recent press statement published by, Edafe Akpofore of the ‘Concerned Niger Deltans In Diaspora’ expressed concerns over the involvement of the Nigerian NAVY and Joint Task Force conspiracy in the oil theft ravaging Nigeria. His statement outline certain factors that make their involvement clear.

“While it’s becoming obvious that the oil theft in Nigeria is as old as our Independence;the reality that is now clear to all can be summarised as follows:

1. All the indigenous oil and gas producing players have been cutting corners and depriving the nation and their various host communities by exporting their crude without recourse to known procedure for accountability. Reason why some of them have multiple private jets they don’t need and retinue of security details to shield them from known & unknown enemies they have created.


2. The Security & Millitary personnel from the rank and file have been in the forefront of these cancerous crime against this nation and most especially the people of the Niger Delta and still have the effortentry to challenge A Man Like Tompolo that has dared them and their Endemic quest for direct looting of our commonwealth in collaboration with Personnel of the various oil and gas companies.

3. If the threats by the Navy & JTF Personnel to eliminate Tompolo for standing firm against these agents of sabotage to our livelihood and environment is not addressed by Mr President then the real War between the Millitary and people of the Niger Delta will be inevitable.

4. The Various collaborative efforts of these legalised thieves in government regulatory agencies and asset owners are known to our group, and we will not spare them in our efforts to bring real sanity & development to our people.”he concluded.

Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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