10 Hausa Pet Names To Get Her Blushing

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By Majel Aiyegbenin

Why don’t I show you how to spice things up with your hausa girl lover?.

Call her these pet names and have your babe curling with emotions all day, every day.

1. Masoyina. This means ‘My love’.

2. Gimbiya. This means ‘Princess’.

3. Zuciyata. This means ‘My heart’.

4. Mai Raina. This means ‘Owner of my life’

5. Kyau Daya. This means ‘Beautiful one’.

6. Mai Gida. This means ‘House head’, but it is used as an endearing term for husband.

7. Yarima. This means ‘Prince’

8. Kambi na. This means ‘My crown’

9. Rabin raina. This means ‘my better half’

10. Abin bege na. This means ‘that which I cherish’

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