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113 Year Old Spanish Woman Survives Covid-19

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Believed to be the oldest person living in Spain, A 113-year-old woman has survived Covid-19 at a retirement home where several other residents died from the disease, Apple’s Bite Int’l Magazine can report. 

Maria Branyas, born in the US, became infected in April at the Santa Maria del Tura care home in the eastern city of Olot, where she has lived for the past 20 years, and fought the respiratory illness off in isolation in her room.

Branyas, is a mother of three, was isolated in her room for weeks, with only a single employee in protective gear allowed in to check on her.

The care home has recorded several virus-related deaths during the pandemic.

Several articles have been published in Spanish media in recent years about Branyas, considered to be the oldest person in the country.

She was born on March 4, 1907 in San Francisco where her father, who was from northern Spain, worked as a journalist.

Branyas moved to Spain with her family on a boat during World War I and also lived through the Spanish flu pandemic that swept the world in 1918-19 as well as Spain’s 1936-39 civil war.

Spain has been one of the worst affected countries in the pandemic, with nearly 27,000 COVID-19 deaths confirmed so far, according to health ministry figures.

The elderly are especially vulnerable and in Spain as in other European countries the coronavirus has claimed many victims among seniors living in retirement homes.

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