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5 Negative Impacts of Masturbation on You

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Masturbation is the act of self stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm (sexual climax). It is commonly done by touching, stroking, or massaging the penis or clitoris until an orgasm is achieved. Some women also use stimulation of the vagina to masturbate or use “sex toys,” such as a vibrator.

Is Masturbation Normal?

While it once was regarded as a perversion and a sign of a mental problem, masturbation now is regarded as a normal, healthy sexual activity that is pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable, and safe. It is a good way to experience sexual pleasure and can be done throughout any form of life.

Masturbation is considered a problem when it inhibits sexual activity with a partner, is done in public, or causes significant distress to the person. It may cause distress and can hurt the individual if it is done compulsively or interferes with daily life and activities.

1. Guilt

Masturbation doesn’t have any harmful health side effects. However, some people may psychologically feel guilty about masturbating or have issues with chronic masturbation.

Some people may feel guilty about masturbating because of cultural, spiritual,social or religious beliefs.
If you feel guilty over masturbating, speak with someone you trust about why you feel this way and how you can move past that guilt. Therapists that specialize in sexual health may be a good resource.

2. Lack of Interest In Actual Sexual Activity

Over indulgence can turn a man or woman into a loner, who is not interested in physical intimacy with the opposite sex.

If men have an aggressive masturbation method that involves too tight a grip on their penis, they can experience decreased sensation. A man can resolve this over time by dropping masturbation with time.

3. Addictiveness

Certain addicts may find themselves masturbating more than they desire daily which may lead to:
•A bridge in daily schedule.
•May lead to missing important activities like business appointments,work, school etc.
• It affects their sense of responsibility.
• It affects their level of social relationship.
• It serves as a gate pass from the real relationship world.
Consulting a sex counsellor may also help with coping strategies for excessive masturbation.

4. Masturbation affects your physical health.

Masturbation has a lot of positive health benefits including stress relief, helps to get to sleep, reduced tension, boosted immunity and more, researcher says.

But if you’re masturbating so fiercely and intensely, perhaps as a way to avoid other issues in your life that you don’t want to deal with or accept, you might cause some damage to your penis and testicles, and might experience rashes, redness and irritation to your genitals.

This can be extremely painful, especially if you can’t keep yourself from masturbating, even when you’re not in the mood.

Though, obsessive mentality is much more emotionally charged than physically inspired, the aftermath on your private areas could be extensive.

That’s why seeking the advice of a counsellor is recommended, and if you notice any irritation, begin using a lubricant to ward off the symptoms while you recover.

5. Masturbation can affect your sex life.

Masturbation creates unrealistic expectations of what a sex life should be like, feel like, look like and taste like.

It’s true that porn and real sex stimulate different senses, and being able to identify the dual realities is important.

You also need to be aware that your partner doesn’t have your hands, doesn’t know your body and doesn’t fully know every curve to touch you that will lead you to the orgasm.

Many men masturbate when they are single and don’t have need for a sexual partner.

During this time, they mainly use their hands to masturbate and they can control the speed and grip.

Once they have a new partner, men may experience trouble achieving orgasm and ejaculation since the vagina or rectum offer a different feeling than a hand.

Even your partner’s hand is not the same as your hand. Unconsciously, you are expecting a certain type of feeling or stimulation.

To rectify this, “Geter” recommends adding variety to your masturbation.

Such as using a masturbation sleeve or condom or using the opposite hand at times.

She also says if you watch porn while masturbating, you should consider changing up the type of porn you watch as well.

Another way it can be difficult for your sex life and your relationship, is when you’re going through a rough patch with your partner. If you’re already fighting and bickering more than often, Geter says the act of masturbation could push your partner further away from you.

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